Yumna Hamdi Almaliki

Yumna Hamdi Almaliki
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More and more, I meet talented Saudi women – as mothers, housewives and business women! Their creativity is unique. In this particular case, the sight of the final product is breathtaking – modern design of ‘IT-Girl’ Bags, intertwined with a close Arab culture. The lining of each bag is made with Arabic calligraphy which makes us think that in each of us there is the spirit of the nation in modern interpretation. I met Yumna Hamdi Almaliki at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. She is the founder of luxury handmade bag brand, Firenze (

What inspired you to start your own label?
I wanted something of my own freedom; to make my own rules and design. There is no greater way to learn than to start your own business.

What challenges did you have to face when your started your own label?
There is no easy business. Once you start to implement your plan you start facing a lot of challenges from finding the right idea, to searching for suppliers, and then manufacturing, importing, exporting, warehouses, stores etc.

How would you describe your personal style?
A combination of classic and wild design.

Does your Arab heritage influence your work?
Yes, sure. I am always inspired by the beauty of Arabic women. That is why I named my first collection ‘inspired by your beauty’.

How do you get inspired for a new collection? Do you follow seasonal trends?
Yes, of course. Also by reading a lot of fashion magazines. However, I still have my own way to get inspired by my environment and events around me.

Tell us briefly about your Python Bag Collection?
It has been handcrafted and decorated with our finest soft-skinned snake skin and gold-plated shoulder strap – to make you look attractive and stylish in your evenings!

What does FIRENZE mean?
Firenze is the Italian name for Florence, the Italian city. The term reflects the experience of artisans, designer skills, the natural scent of leather, the quality of manufacturing, and the beauty of streets and squares of Florence. You can see more pictures and find information on my website:

Your message for us at CP magazine?
Thank you so much for this opportunity to meet your readers and give a small glimmer of As a Saudi designer I wish that Saudi would become a fashion hub in the region because I am sure there are a lot of talented designers waiting for a chance.

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