FormerlyMe is an online movement to motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves by showing them my journey and experience in trying a new workout and lifestyle regime every 30 days. Every post, update, and video is ‘formerly me’ as I endeavor to become the best version of myself by learning new workouts, exercises, nutrition approaches, mindsets, philosophies, and more. Each 30 day part focuses on a particular fitness resource which can be a gym, a dojo, dance studio, or any other local area business. We also will review products that we find interesting or useful along the journey. Follow me and my team as I discover the path towards the best version of myself and become FormerlyMe.

A little background on how this got started…
“I am concerned about your health.”

Those were the words that started the realization that I needed to change my life. Hearing this from a friend who had nothing but my best interests at heart was profound. I had long been overweight and in fact morbidly obese for over a decade and up to this point I had not cared about the unhealthy path I was at that time more than content to stay on. Here I was a person with two successful careers, but with all of the successes I was failing myself in regard to my health and well-being. I wasn’t happy. I allowed myself to be distracted by my careers, social media, films, video games, etc. and it showed. I stacked every excuse for myself, but that statement was my wake-up call. It was time to stop all of my excuses and start making a real change in my life. That is how FormerlyMe got started.

FormerlyMe is not just a one-man army of me. It is also supported by Terry Thompson. Terry is a great life coach, motivational speaker, author, mentor, and leadership expert with over 23 years of knowledge and experience leading others to personal and professional success. You can see him guiding the movement and offering his “Minute Mindset” and other inspirational words of the week on both social media and the YouTube channel. You can find out more about Terry at

Each month CP Magazine will showcase a part of my journey to becoming the best version of myself. I hope that in turn this inspires and motivates you to start your own journey as well. For this month’s story we will focus on the “Quarantine Workout Sessions” that FormerlyMe hosted during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the entire world went under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FormerlyMe wanted to give the world the ability to do workouts from the comfort of their own home with a personal trainer. No equipment or weights needed! This would be so helpful as all gyms and fitness centers had to close. People and families stuck at home bored and fitness is so essential to well being and health. We had to find a way to maintain and stay healthy while maintaining social distancing and shelter in place. Plus it gives people the ability to workout with a personal trainer if they have never done so before. Not to mention you can pause and replay as many times as you want to.

I reached out to my Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Trainer, Taylor Hickman, to be our featured trainer for these online sessions. Taylor Hickman is the 71st ranked of 242 active US Southwest Amateur Lightweights, and also ranked at Welterweight (56th). Taylor is also the 24th ranked of 89 active Texas Amateur Lightweights, and also ranked at Welterweight (21st). He has 5 years boxing, 3 years in Brazilian Jujitsu & MMA. Blue belt 2 stripe under Alex Morono (UFC Middleweight & Brazilian Jujitsu Black Belt) at Gracie Barra in The Woodlands, TX. 5x Grappling Games Gold Medalist, and is also 5x ONNIT Academy Certified: Foundations, Durability, Steel Club Specialist, Kettlebell Specialist, Barbell Specialist. Taylor studied Kinesiology with Emphasis in Physical Therapy at St. Edward’s University. Needless to say Taylor has a extensive resume and wealth of knowledge when it comes to body weight workouts.

We conducted 10 video sessions and nine are led by Taylor as the first one was done by myself and my team. Our “Quarantine Workout Sessions” are now available anytime online on YouTube here:

I wish for everyone to stay healthy during this unusual time in life. Follow my journey online at and on the YouTube channel. Until next time that has been FormerlyMe!

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