Want To Lead With Intention?

Want To Lead With Intention?
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by: Noëlle El Saadany



Businesses are so complex and diverse these days that there is a continuous need for leaders and managers to stay competitive. They have the responsibility to lead well and by example. This is possible in work environments where employees are valued by management. But we all know the boss from hell; you just can’t please them. What works better is if the leader or manager is co-operative with staff. They listen when there are issues and understand the importance of work-life balance.

1-Develop Leadership Skills

There are certain qualities that make a person an effective leader and enable him/her to lead a team of professionals to achieve organizational goals. Some people possess God gifted leadership skills, while others must work at it. Courses, online and off, offer motivational seminars that focus on developing leadership skills. They’re achievable through a variety of sources. Tap into yours.

2-Treat Others With Respect

True leaders treat people like people, not like slaves who should be happy for the opportunity to be treated badly. Workers bring something to the table or they wouldn’t be employed. True leaders also make decisions carefully; decisions that are beneficial to the whole team, because they support you, and when you look good so do they.

3-Window and Mirror Concept

The window and mirror concept keeps a good system of checks and balances. This means always giving credit to your team members. Don’t beat them down about mistakes. Instead, use this as a teaching opportunity so the error isn’t repeated. A good leader will always praise his/her team and their contribution to the success. Leaders not following this concept get terrible gifts on Boss’s Day!

4-Pass Down your Knowledge

A true leader passes his/her knowledge and expertise to each team member. A real leader wants employees to shine. A real leader knows they reached their station/position with the help and coaching of someone else. It obligates true leaders to give back and keep the trend of developing new leadership going. For those who don’t give back, shame on you! We all stand on the shoulders of those who paved the way before us. Don’t get so big you forget where you started.

5-Always be a Source of Motivation

Another very good way to prove yourself a leader is being a source of motivation for direct reports. Open the door for open communication. In fact, keep an open-door policy. You’re not the Wizard and the company is not OZ. Be visible and offer help when you can. You may receive the ‘Boss of The Year Award’ for being such a cool and fair-minded person. Who doesn’t love that in a boss?

In the end, it can be said that a good leader is one who follows these principles for the achievement of organizational goals and self-satisfaction.

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