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Words: José Berrocoso

An Arabic term referencing “to have perfect form and harmony in aesthetic”, Hindamme is a contemporary mens and womenswear label inspired by the concept of East meets West. Modern and androgynous with a focus on heritage inspired details, the Saudi-based brand fuses contemporary styles with Eastern influences, creating an urban luxe aesthetic.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Khoja, the man behind Hindamme, always had a hunger to create, with some of his first memories consisting of drawing shapes and forms. While studying business in Paris, Khoja decided to pursue design and worked on the concept for Hindamme, launching the brand internationally in 2016. Mohammed is inspired by telling stories through wearable works of art, resulting in a luxe and modern approach to ready-to-wear.

The latest collection of the brand, entitled as the ‘Al Ula’ collection, SEASON IV is a contemporary interpretation and retrospective into the ancient desert Kingdom belonging to the Nabatean Arab civilization, and more specifically that of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. From silk velvets, golden pleats to Greco-Roman style embroidery, the collection is a very artisanal approach to ready-to-wear resulting in contemporary yet timeless collector pieces that reflect the visual and cultural identity of the ancient Nabateans of Al Ula.


Designer Mohammed Khoja worked closely with specialized textile experts to create custom brocades and embroideries that illustrate the inscriptions and art of the ancient Nabatean civilization.


Key staple pieces include silk velvet jackets and silk shirts that feature signature Greco-Roman brocades with Nabatean inscriptions as well as ‘Mada’in Saleh’ architecture inspired dresses and jackets, silk pleated gold metallic dresses and statement branded tees. Natural plant based colors and graphic symbols pay homage to the ancient civilizations of Al Ula, while pleats and modern silhouettes create a contemporary feel. The collection seamlessly blends artisanal details with ready-to-wear styles, adding a layer of storytelling and nostalgia into every piece.


“Hindamme is a term often used for both formal and casual associations within Middle Eastern culture in the most complementing of ways. By integrating these elements from our culture, my aim is to create a new narrative to Middle Eastern design that is both universal and contemporary yet also acts as a reminder of our heritage”, Mohammed Khoja


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