The Whole Package – How To Safely Send Your Holiday Gifts

The Whole Package – How To Safely Send Your Holiday Gifts
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Sending gifts home for the holidays? No matter what you are shipping, taking the time to pack it properly will protect and secure your packages during their journey. FedEx Express has some top tips to help your presents arrive safely, for a happier holiday season.

1.Consider the type of item you are sending. Is it sturdy building blocks for a child or a delicate crystal vase for a favourite aunt? The type of item will determine the level of protection it needs. Sturdier items will travel better with a single layer of bubble wrap, while more fragile goods will need more protective padding.

2.Ensure that your item can be shipped. Every country has different import rules and not all items can be shipped to all destinations. For example, Australia won’t accept certain plant or animal products, which includes wooden beads. There are also general flight restrictions on certain items, such as some smartphone batteries. Check with the FedEx customer service team if you have any questions about your item before you pack it.

3.Select your shipping box. Once your item is bubble wrapped, place it into a sturdy box. A new one is ideal, without any holes, tears or corner dents, and without any existing labels. Ensure that the shipping box is the right size for your item; you want enough space to allow for ample wrapping, but not so much that the item will roll around. Add extra padding to keep the item secure.

4.Two is better than one! If your item is fragile, you can place it inside a second box. Wrap the first one in bubble wrap, or provide padding between the two boxes to provide an extra layer of protection. Padding can be bubble wrap, shredded paper or foam chips. Don’t use newspaper though, as this will increase the weight and, therefore, the cost, of your package.

5.Seal the box on all sides. Use packing tape to seal your box. Do not use duct tape or masking tape. The best way to provide a strong seal is to use the H-tape method: seal the topmost seam first, then tape over when sealing the two short edges. Don’t wrap your box with paper or string.

6.International shipments may require a commercial invoice. Please contact FedEx Customer Service for more information.

7.Add a label. You need to apply a clearly-written label onto the largest surface of the box. If possible, print the label instead of handwriting it to ensure that it is readable. Be sure to include the full address of the recipient, including name, location address, postal code and a 24hour phone number where the recipient can be contacted. You also need to include your own full address and phone number. As an extra precaution, add a card with the recipient’s and your own full contact information inside the parcel.

8.Your package is ready to be shipped!

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