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Since the day of our birth, the conditioning process begins to believe that some ‘thing’, whether tangible or not, can make us happy. Throughout life we start our pursuit to wealth, material possessions, health, the perfect family dynamic or whatever else comes to your life, but this pursuit never ends because whatever you get will not bring you true happiness. I mean, that watch you’ve been wanting may bring you happiness, but it will only be short term. So why are we so conditioned to believe something so untrue? This is because when we look at people from the outside that appear to have it all, we also make the assumption that they’re happy because they look like they are.
If you are not convinced by what I am saying, let’s think about it in a different way. Have you ever heard, seen or read about people that have it all and are not happy? If they have everything, believed by many to bring happiness, why are so many of them unhappy? And why are some people who barely have a roof over their head, some of the happiest people out there? This is because happiness isn’t a thing, a place or a person. Happiness is within you, and everywhere at the same time. It’s a feeling developed from a perception in life that everything and everyone is happiness.

I remember years ago a friend asked me, “If there is one thing you could wish for, what would it be?” My answer was happiness. I explained that it wouldn’t matter who I have in my life, if I was rich or poor, sick or healthy, because I would be truly happy. If I built happiness from within, brick by brick, I can be alone, sick and poor and none of it would affect my emotional wellbeing, as dark as that scenario sounds.
With all that being said, what can you do to achieve your happiest self? Below are a few points to make it happen for you:

1.Spring cleaning. Go through your belongings and evaluate your items by being real with yourself. Do you really need 20 handbags and 50 pairs of shoes?
2.Donate. You can either donate the stuff from your spring cleaning or find an organisation that you would like to participate in and see what kind of donation would be beneficial to them. It could be monetary, time or efforts.
3.Exercise. Exercise helps you release endorphins, helping to relieve stress. Stress is a real strain on your inner happiness.
4.Mindful meditation. With practice and consistency you will see the results. It helps you focus on the here and now.
5.Stretch. If you stretch every single day, no matter what, you should start to notice a difference with time in your body and your mood.

Good luck in your pursuit of real happiness!


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