The Journey with Bojana: Vietnam

The Journey with Bojana: Vietnam
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by: Bojana


Hello from Vietnam! This month I visited Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. This city has a vibrant nightlife with countless bars, restaurants and cafes. Some of these establishments even offer live music, including karaoke which is very popular here. Ho Chi Minh’s Chinatown is very popular for its food and affordable shopping. Also, if you would like to sharpen your bargaining skills, this is the perfect place for you!

You would be surprised how many pancake and other western specialty shops are all around the city. It’s a real pleasure trying all tastes – and don’t forget to sample the Vietnamese coffee!


Xa My Phong is one of many temples to attract lots of tourists but local people also come here to pray. All around are flowers and, of course, bonsai trees. The whole area is really peaceful and quiet and if you meet youths living in temple, they will kindly offer to show you around.

Mekong River is the heartbeat of the city. Fishermen can be seen fishing there and taking water for their rice fields. You can rent a small boat and go for a ride. It would be an amazing experience, if time permits, to visit the candy factory in the middle of the forest.

In the same forest you can see small fruit markets where they sell every possible kind of fruit. But if you see durian, stay away – this fruit has a really unpleasant smell! Having said that, the taste will make you forget your first impression.

In the middle of the forest, on my way to the candy factory, I discovered they were making candies out of fresh organic coconut. You can see the whole process in front of you and really enjoy it!

One of the local markets is known for selling pure art, including jewellery boxes made of pearl shells and egg shell. It takes hours to break shells into small pieces and then use them to ‘draw’ paintings.

Buddha, in Vietnam, is shown as smiling but also as reading, praying and eating. You can see his statue on every corner – a wonderful sight and excellent photo opportunity.

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