The Commercial Bank Of Kuwait Presents A Variety Of Cards And Services

The Commercial Bank Of Kuwait Presents A Variety Of Cards And Services
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The Commercial Bank of Kuwait presents a variety of credit cards and other services that facilitate its customers’ daily tasks and fulfill their needs. Here are some of the most important cards and services, along with their benefits.

CBK British Airways MarsterCard:
As the only British Airways-branded MasterCard credit cards in the Middle East, the products combine a world-leading card concept with a global loyalty program, offering cardholders the opportunity to collect Avios points (the reward currency of the British Airways Executive Club) for every 1KD they spend using their card and redeem them for flights and upgrades.
The cards come in 3 types: MasterCard World, MasterCard Platinum and MasterCard Prepaid, and offer several benefits to their holders. Upon card issuance, cardholders will receive an initial bonus Avios as a welcome gift to get them started. The initial bonus Avios can, depending on the card type, reach 12,500 Avios which can be enough for a one-way flight from Kuwait to London.
The cards are loaded with benefits such as lounge access, concierge service, global travel insurance (on all 3 cards), free nights in more than 1,200 luxury Starwood hotels around the world (SPG hotels), spa offers, and discounts at luxury serviced apartments, among others. Customers will be able to collect Avios on purchases, from booking flights to paying for dinner or fuel or everyday shopping and spend them to pay for flights worldwide with British Airways and oneworld® airline partners.

Visa Infinite:
Visa Infinite Card is for elite and affluent consumers who view exclusive benefits and excellent customer service as a distinction when choosing a payment product.
The card is characterized by a high spending limit, as well as a 24-hour world-wide personal assistant service for booking flights and hotels, unlimited access to more than 750 lounges at airports around the world with Lounge Key, free for the cardholder and one additional guest. Moreover, Visa Infinite cardholders will receive discounts at many restaurants, shops and services in more than 900 hotels in the premium hotel group of Visa, as well as concierge service, purchase protection, extended warranty, and free travel insurance that can reach up to 1 million US Dollars.

Visa Platinum:
The Visa Platinum card is for high salary individuals who can enjoy a high spending limit.
Visa Platinum cardholders are eligible for 6 free visits per year to 25 airport lounges across GCC and MENA region as well as some key European destinations. There is no account creation or registration required for accessing the lounges; customers can just present their card to allow access.
Cardholders will also benefit from free travel insurance provided by the bank which complies with Schengen requirements and will be able to benefit from Al-Tijari offers as well as the diversified Visa Offers which presents a varied selection of travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle opportunities.

Mastercard Titanium:
CBK Mastercard Titanium cards offer its holders the opportunity to access more than 10 airport lounges in the MENA region as well as free local concierge service provided from Yemnak and free travel insurance provided by the bank and which complies with Schengen Visa requirements. On top of these, CBK Titanium cards are part of Al-Tijari offers which grant CBK customers discounts at several prime locations in Kuwait such as restaurants at the Radisson Blu and Symphony Style hotels.

Mastercard Prepaid:
The advantage of the new CBK Mastercard Prepaid is that it can be issued instantly at any CBK branch.
CBK Mastercard Prepaid is issued without a limit and it can be topped up to any desired amount either through online banking, branch network, or call center. It can be used for online transactions, POS purchases, or ATM cash withdrawals locally and abroad. When shopping online, the card is secured through a passphrase selected by the customer upon card issuance. Just load your card and get access to cash 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at thousands of sites around the world.

Concierge Service:
With Al-Tijari ……. Your Wish Is Our Command
CBK understands the requirements of its customers’ lifestyle and strives to provide appropriate services to save both time and effort. Therefore, CBK has introduced the Concierge Service in partnership with Public Services Company which introduced the unique concierge service ‘Yemnak’ to Kuwait.
The service is available for Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum, Mastercard World, MasterCard Platinum, and MasterCard Titanium cardholders free of charge.
Benefits of this service include a list of personal and governmental services. Some of the main benefits are airport transfer/pick up request for just 2.5 KD, pay off electricity/water bills, reservations (airline tickets, hotels, restaurants), delivery services (gifts, flowers, chocolate), organization of events and occasions, car rental services and renewal/transfer of hired help visas, among others.
To benefit of the service, customers just need to call the dedicated line for CBK customers 22252230.

Free Travel Insurance:
CBK would like to ensure its customers’ safety and the safety of their loved ones while traveling and this is why CBK, along with AIG, has added free travel insurance to all CBK credit cards which also includes coverage for the family. As the minimum requirement for the Schengen Visa is medical coverage for a minimum of up to USD 50,000, the bank made sure to please all customers and it was included in the coverage. The insurance packages reach up to USD 100,000 depending on the card type and the coverage is valid for a maximum of 60 days per trip from date of departure.

InstaPay Service:
Now, CBK account holders will be able to invoice any local debit cardholder using CBK online/mobile banking services with the Al-Tijari InstaPay service.
An SMS request will be generated to the payer to settle the indicated amount for the given description. Upon clicking the link, the payer will be redirected to the Knet Payment Gateway (PG) and the payee will be able to settle from any local debit card. Upon successful transaction, CBK accountholders will be credited instantly.
This service is free of charge and features a safe and secure payment method that is available 24 hours a day in Arabic and English language.
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Cardless Cash Withdrawal:
Now, you don’t need to worry if you leave your wallet at home, with CBK new Cardless Cash Withdrawal service you will be able to withdraw cash without your ATM card!
It’s a fast, convenient and simple way to make cash available from your accounts to yourself or family and friends through SMS to any mobile in Kuwait.
All you need to do is log in to or CBK mobile App, go to Transfer tab, select Cardless Withdrawals and follow the instructions.
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Al Tijari Offers Program:
With Al-Tijari Offers Program, customers can enjoy various discounts and privileges at reputable and renowned restaurants and coffee shops in Kuwait when using Al-Tijari credit and prepaid cards.

CBK hopes that Al-Tijari offers attain their customers’ satisfaction and meet their needs as the bank always strives to provide customers with the best banking services at all times.
For a list of restaurants and coffee shops participating in Al-Tijari Offers please visit

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