The 2018 Beauty Trends

The 2018 Beauty Trends

January is the month for cleansing and the start of healthy habits. When it comes to our beauty regimes and routines, we usually start a new year with resolutions about diets and detox that are difficult to maintain. We should always aim for things we can keep and continue throughout the year. Quick fixes are just that – quick fixes – without lasting results. How about starting 2018 with some modern and healthy trends that are affordable and easy to stick to? It’s imperative to do things that make you feel good from the inside as well as the outside. Below, I have listed a few trends to try.


VITAMINS or BEAUTY PILLS work their magic from the inside out. You will start to see the results after a few months of use but it is worth it. The best treatment is to combine topical products with complementary supplements, nutrition and exercise. Some of these vitamins are made only for the skin such as the Danish brand Imedeen. Other pills are targeted for skin, hair and nails such as Perfectil Platinum. Others, like Inversion Femme, are made to help with skin and body shape. Of course you have to consult a physician or professional for advice on what suits your necessities.


We’ve all heard about HOLISTIC BEAUTY and how important it is to keep our body and mind in a peaceful state. Our inner ‘spiritual’ beauty can get a little help from oils and aromatherapy products to heal and promote balance and better sleep. Essential oils have been used for years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. The particles in the oils come from extracting the different parts of flowers, plants, leaves and roots. They contain antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties and can be used in different ways. SOIL is a certified eco-ethical range originally from South Africa. They sell 100% certified essential oils, many of which they grow themselves in their farm in Zululand. They don’t test on animals, have no petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances or colourants and their packages are made in recyclable biodegradable glass. Their range includes everything from basil, coriander seeds and clove bud oils, to citronella, sandalwood, peppermint and chamomile oils. The range is wide and difficult to choose from as they all are good and the smells are pure.

Another trend this year would be ANTI-AGEING MAKEUP. Consumers are going to be looking to achieve radiant skin. Skincare is very important as it is the base for a beautiful complexion. Bases with anti-ageing like No 7 Lift & Luminate Serum Foundation or Healthy Mix Foundation & Powder from Bourjois are highly recommended.

Another favourite is the luxurious brand Sisley. Their new foundation Peach Sisleya Le Teint Fluid Foundation, Anti-Age is worth the high price tag.

SHORT HAIRCUTS. This year is going to be the year for boyish crops, wedge shaped and jaw length haircuts. The styles are easy to take care of with high technology products such as the brand Alterna Haircare. Their Caviar Infinite Colour Hold shampoo and conditioner are truly the products to put on your hair. They are expensive but worth the money as they are made without sulfates and with pigment protecting antioxidants. This combination will keep your colour from going down the drain.

One of the best leave-in conditioners with heat protection that I have ever tried is Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Glacage Thermo-Seal.

Also, this medium control wax aerosol hairspray will give you texture and a tousled look with a lot of volume.



We want brands that focus on results rather than fancy luxurious packaging and big budget advertising (this cost gets passed to us consumers!) such as Philosophy and other skin care favourites such as Origins.

NUDE NAILS & GLITTER are going to be big this year. Look for good quality ones such as Givenchy Le Vernis beige mousseline no.2 and the glitter ones from O.P.I.


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