Tarek Aleryan

Tarek Aleryan
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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Tarek Aleryan has a fear of heights and is scared of snakes. One thing he’s not afraid of, however, is hard work. ‘I believe that hard work pays off,’ he says. ‘The secret of my success is hard work and being prepared.’ He also believes in looking on the bright side, as his favourite proverb illustrates: “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

Tarek is the PR and Media Director for Dasman Diabetes Institute. He has also worked as producer and on-air talent for Kuwait TV. ‘My earlier work in television has opened up many doors for me.’

He cites the Iraqi invasion as a life changing experience. ‘The invasion period was a difficult time for me. I was always glued to the news channels and watching TV to see what was going on in my beloved Kuwait. This experience encouraged me to get involved in the media and to work hard to achieve my goals. I had many goals in life and through hard work and determination they came true.’

His current role for Dasman Diabetes Institute includes raising awareness about diabetes and its related conditions. The Institute aims to alleviate the diabetes challenges facing the people of Kuwait and to continue to get the message across the country. ‘Diabetes is a real burden,’ he says.

Tarek is appreciative of the support provided by his family. ‘They have always been a constant support to me throughout the years and have always provided me with constructive feedback and ways to improve. I think growing up watching my parents has definitely inspired me to become the man I am today. My real-life heroes are my parents. They continue to inspire me on a daily basis.’

He remembers his childhood with great fondness. ‘I was constantly exposed to different cultures and people. We would travel every summer to a different place so I was always well travelled.’ He enjoyed playing tennis from a young age and loved watching the great players compete at Wimbledon and the US Open. He once got the chance to meet and interview Roger Federer describing the opportunity as a dream come true.

His love of sport instilled in him the importance of dedication and motivation. These days, he is motivated by continuous improvement and by always trying to find better ways to do things. He also appreciates the importance of teamwork. ‘We can always get more things done as a team than we can individually, so working together is what we should always strive to accomplish. But always remember to take care of yourselves and each other and to respect one another,’ he says.

As well as having a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Political Science and Mass Communications to his name, Tarek was chosen to present a special program recognizing H. H. The Amir as a Humanitarian Leader by the UN in 2014. He also led and directed a media campaign for H. E. Mr. Yacoub Al Sanea, for the Parliament elections in 2012 and 2013; and worked on special National and Liberation Day documentaries as well as a special documentary about the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

He considers it a great honour to be selected as one of CP Magazine’s Inspiring Men for 2018. ‘I feel really humble. I always like to give back to society and I am very happy to be a role model. I hope I can continue doing so by leading a good and successful life that people can look up to.’


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