Talal Al-Ajmi

Talal Al-Ajmi
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“If you want to succeed in financial markets, you have to educate yourself first, practice and develop a clear and firm plan and strategy for trading.”


Strong words indeed from Talal Al-Ajmi but words that he lives by, nonetheless.

Talal graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology. He had always dreamt of running a successful business and worked in many financial companies to gain experience. ‘My family was strongly opposed to all my attempts to start trading,’ he says. ‘I was born into a simple family and no-one stood with me except my big brother. He has been the major supporter of all my attempts and source of encouragement and confidence.’

He began his journey as an entrepreneur in 2010. He is the founder and CEO of VI Markets, one of the most prominent names in the field of trading in the Middle East. But it wasn’t an easy journey. ‘The transformation from employee to employer was the hardest and most difficult experience of my life.’

Talal insists that the beginning of a project determines whether it is a failure or a success. He founded his own company with one clear message from the beginning. Education. Achieving goals is what motivates him and his hard work was rewarded when his company obtained a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); the first Kuwaiti company to be granted such a licence. He believes that, along with his colleagues, he has become the pioneer of trading in Kuwait.

‘Of course, ever entrepreneur is afraid of failure,’ he says. ‘I do not think this is wrong because fear leads to caution and to take successful steps.’

Education played a major part in Talal’s success from the start. He wanted to be the simple person who entered the trading world and achieved great things. He wanted to change the concept of trading in the global markets in the region. With this in mind, he read every article he could by successful entrepreneurs, sought the secrets of their success, learned their philosophy and then tried to imitate what they had achieved. ‘I love my work and always aspire to be the number one in everything I do.’

He describes himself as ambitious, adventurous and successful. He began with a team of 3 and now employs more than 150 people. ‘The trust the team puts in me, and the goals I create, are what always inspire me.’

Talal himself is now the father of a one-year-old daughter. His wife supports and encourages him constantly. She also knows better than anyone that if Talal does something, he will do it amazingly, or he won’t do it at all.

‘I think I was born fascinated by trade,’ he says. ‘I have been passionate about the world of business and money since childhood. I believe that everything I have provided, like education, awareness and initiatives, represent the main support for me and for my success.’

Colin Powell once said, There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Talal Al-Ajmi is a perfect example of this philosophy and the perfect choice for CP Magazine’s Inspiring Men awards. ‘Thank you for choosing me. I hope to be a source of inspiration for everyone.’



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