STAYING AT HOME: Shaping the Best Version of You

STAYING AT HOME: Shaping the Best Version of You
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//Nadia AlHaroon//

During this historic period in time, where it will be a legendary “when I was your age” story to share with your children, nephews or nieces it is also a period where people have developed limiting beliefs about the things you can do from home, or have been forced to self-reflect or have been pleasantly surprised to find that they have a creative side. This “staying at home” ordeal has done more good that one can imagine for the human race and below are some ways to join the “progressive stay-at-home movers and shakers”.


Removing Limiting Beliefs
For some reason, the lockdown being faced due to the coronavirus has led people to feel and believe that they are “stuck” or that there isn’t much they can do. I hear people often complain about how they are unable to work out, or socialize or go to the movies where in reality, technology has made almost everything possible from the comfort of your own home. Even if you do not have weights, to work out from home we tend to forget that there are ways to compromise like using water bottles or using your own body weight. Many people are using apps now to socialize where groups of people will install and even play games while catching up.

The crazy thing about this ordeal is that it is cornering people into having no choice but to reflect on everything in their lives. Whether it is their behavior towards people, situations or events or something else like their relationships. The way you reach to self-reflection isn’t easy. You may deal with negative emotions first. You may experience anger, sadness or irritability. The best thing you can do when dealing with these negative emotions (also referred to as negative vibrations) is to observe it for what it is. Look at the emotions detached from yourself. What do you see when you look at the emotion? Is it a color or a person or perhaps an event? Now ask yourself why do you feel this emotion. When you reach to the answer, ask yourself again “and why so?”. Every time you come up with an answer, ask the question again until there are no more answers. Keep on practicing this during the week every time you are dealing with a negative emotion. You may start to observe yourself no longer having those impulses to react the same anymore. You may also notice that your perspective on things have changed.

Unleashing the Inner Creativity
This period is also great to release our inner talents that we have either forgotten or never came around to because of the “hustle and bustle of life”. The time we are able to allocate to activities such as painting or cooking or making videos is so much more rewarding than this time we used to allocate to socializing. We tend to gravitate towards socializing because it is easier and requires little to know mental or physical effort compared to a hobby that takes time to get good at. Unleashing are creative juices are devoured with the end product. Whether it is a finished piece of art, or the gastronomy style meal that you prepared it is the end result that is rewarding and gives us that natural high.

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