SOE: Glamorous-streetwear brand based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SOE: Glamorous-streetwear brand based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

//by: Yassa//

Since 2016 Sultan Ali Al-Najai, Saudi fashion designer, started his brand SOE. The latest chapter of his collection has been released just one month before Ramadan 2021.

It is CHAPTER SIX: SABOTAGE 2021 – It’s all about women’s empowerment, Sultan Al-Najai designed these capes with the careful thought that the model abaya became a Cape.

Abayas have been a part of our Saudi culture since a long time ago, the amazing thing when you think about it, a long time ago in the 50’s women wore the same cropped Abayas.! SOE just modified it a little bit.

The Cape becomes suitable for every occasion, from working women to Girls hanging out together and everything in between, crafted with the finest washed silk and exquisite colors which show the personality of a strong new modern-day woman.

One of the points is that That Cape can be very conservative in Ramadan and it’s easy to wear.

As the main message from SOE to women :
“Show the look… Express yourself in every moment… Make it EXTRA, and just have fun” – soé

How do you see Saudi Fashion changes in the past 5 years, since you started your own brand?
Saudi fashion has changed through the years. We live in a new modern age and from time to time I think that we have to go back to basics to appreciate the beauty of everything, I do this for the fashion community, I’m doing this for the culture, I’m doing this for us.

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