Social Media Influencers are Driving Fashion

Social Media Influencers are Driving Fashion
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//Sandra Carina//


Working in the field of both social media and fashion I have clearly recognized the impact that social media has made on the fashion industry.


Fashion advertising campaigns, glossy fashion magazines, fashion channels and catwalk shows are no longer the reliable source to fashionistas to tell them about the latest trends. Instead, audiences are becoming more influenced by what they see online. This is why so many fashion businesses are centering much of their marketing strategy around Instagram.

If you are seeking a way to promote and build an online presence for your fashion/style/blogger career, here are some helpful tips:
– Seek inspiration from those you admire and who are successful but ensure to develop your own personal style and be unique
– Learn more about your target audience and what they would like to see
– Be consistent
– Collaborate with influencers (to help increase your reach)
– Always stay updated
– Interact with your audience
– Always come up with new content














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