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By: Nilli

We sisters have been in, on, and all over the fashion scene for as long as anyone can remember. But hold on….are we the first fashionistas of this era? Was this word especially derived for us, the fashion forward women of the 21st century? Of course not!

But do take loads of hard earned pride ladies; for our predecessors were the pioneers in all that was fashion and style, and we are their trendy offspring. How cute is that?
Jurassic as it is and, miraculous as it may sound, fashionistas never left us. They were there, at those medieval courts in Europe and as far east as the forbidden city in China; even at the hanging gardens of Ancient Mesopotamia.

Female fashionistas influenced war and peace, life altering decisions of powerful men and the rise and fall of nations and civilizations – and they did it just by the clever choice of attire. It was that simple.

It was the great Julius Caesar who once whispered in Queen Cleopatra’s ear, the following:

“..the shade of your silhouette effects my decisions, for that hue has completely succumbed my mental abilities.”
If you think about it you would say: what a fantastic way to avoid war – just by wearing the right shade of colour at the right time (for the right man of course). And with that right choice of colour,

Egypt was once again under Queen Cleo’s control; as was Caesar himself. Imagine that!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg; just one of a trillion examples of hundreds of pioneer lavish, stylish women to whom we infant fashionistas owe a great deal.

Those unique set of women not only used their mental wit in a man’s-man-manly world, they also used their fashionable capabilities to do great things; good things for themselves and their country, just by deciding what to wear to their royal courts the next day in order to sway the judge and jury.

Fashion statements have a great deal of influence on our psyche and on the minds of people around us. It can alter our feelings and decisions in an instant.

Imagine you wake up in the morning all ready to start your new job and you are faced with the crucial decision of what to wear to make a lasting but good first impression. If you chose appropriately then it’s a good day all day. If not, then your whole day is a mess of gloom.

There is a huge misconception of what a fashionista is today. We believe that a fashionista is someone who wears trends (basically, expensive high end brands). But this is not the case. The derivative is a person who creates and promotes fashionable ideas.

Real fashionistas do not believe in trends or follow them because they are the ones who created them, thus implementing them to create a trend. Yet, we don’t give them that much credit for all of their contributions and hard work. Some people believe that anyone can be a trend-setter, a fashion forward individual or an innovator, just by wearing the latest top and trendiest jeans. But this is far from the truth. Plus, it’s really exhausting being a fashionista! Sometimes, all we fashionistas want to do is to melt on our favourite sofa, eat garlic chicken followed by chocolate ice-cream, and watch re-runs of the Tudors in our favourite old but gold peejays – for a whole week – and not take a single selfie! It would feel so good, wouldn’t it? FYI, these are my plans this weekend!

Nonetheless, and to be horribly serious, it is my duty to call out to all my fellow fashionistas. We are given a rare gift, a gift that is changing rapidly and growing eagerly in front of our eyes. It’s our duty to be diligent but delicate – never stubbornly bias – with our ideas and arguments that we share online. Because people view, like, mimic and then share, and a new trend is born, restlessly exploding onto the world.

Fashionable insight is a gift, a rare commodity. So please, ladies and gents, handle with care!

It goes without saying that all real fashionistas have a fashion mission wired in their genes. That is, to wake up fashionably each morning and look, feel and aspire style. We do that willingly, by maintaining that path of fashion stylishly lit with new innovations and inspirations, in honour of all our predecessors who walked this turbulent, but trendy path before us.

Until next time, my darlings.

Stay safe and fashionable!


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