SKYLARK NEGRIL: Minimalist with a Jamaican retro vibe

SKYLARK NEGRIL: Minimalist with a Jamaican retro vibe
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Cultural nomads, young creatives and veteran Jamaica-philes come to Skylark Negril, member of Design Hotels, for a retro vibe escape with local music scene.


Set directly on the white sand and cristal-clear waters of Negril’s famed Seven Mile Beach, the hip, Havana heyday-era bohemian Skylark Negril Beach Resort, member of Design Hotels, the company that represents and markets a curated selection of over 330 independent hotels in more than 60 countries across the globe, provides guests with instant insider access to the Jamaican experience. The seaside sister property of Negril’s cliffside Rockhouse Hotel, this 28-room minimalist-meets-retro retreat offers stunning usnset views off the westernmost tip of Jamaica in a beachfront property that draws on inspirations from tropical throwback design and the visual vocabulary of Jamaica and its vast musical culture.

Charged with reimagining the Jamaican version of a hip throwback, the architects of Skylark Negril envisioned a Havana bohemian beach resort and then brought it to life. Here, one discovers ocean views from almost every studio and a turquoise hue throughout the two-acre slice of paradise. Exteriors feature creative repurposing of common Jamaican materials, colors, themes, and building supplies.


The designers have taken the visual vocabulary of Jamaica and the country’s vast musical culture and married it with retro simplicity spiced with world-travel inspired flavor. Subtle pops of color brighten beach chairs, striped rugs, floor tiles, lighting fixtures, and the guestroom front doors.

The retro vibe is reinforced by its extensive collection of 1970s and 1980s Jamaica album-cover art featured in every room and at Miss Lily’s. This is the colorful world of Jamaica as seen through a modern graphic lens. The Jamaican color palette features rosy pastels inspired by the soft skies overhead, bold reds taken from the ackee (the country’s national fruit) and several shades of sea blue.

Skylark’s laidback setting inpires social and creative encounters, making guests feel like locals upon arrival, while its far-reaching philanthropic efforts organically connect the property and its visitors to the community. The hotel’s restaurant and rum bar (the first Caribbean outpost of Manhattan’s celebrated Miss Lily’s) draws guests and locals alike with its stellar food, strong Jamaican music connection, and nightly dancing filled with technicolor visuals and sounds courtesy of renowned international DJs.

A world-class spa presents a simple, holistic approach to well-being, health, and happiness through a range of therapies and treatment rituals set in a tropical garden. Swimming and padlle boarding off Negril or a short boat trip to the nearby reef for snorkel-perfect waters round out this truly authentic retreat into paradise.


Photography: Courtesy of Design Hotels™

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