Shaikha Jassim M. AlWotaid, Noura Jassim M. AlWotaid, Maryam Yousif AlMuzaiel, and Aisha Yousif AlMuzaiel

Shaikha Jassim M. AlWotaid, Noura Jassim M. AlWotaid, Maryam Yousif AlMuzaiel, and Aisha Yousif AlMuzaiel
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Owning our own music and touring to show the world our message.


Hi, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
Shaikha AlWotaid, 25 years old, a musician first then a violinist, pianist and composer.
Noura AlWotaid, 26 years old. I’m a singer, pianist and songwriter. I work three jobs and I love what I do.
Maryam AlMuzaiel, 19 years old, a musician, I play guitar and bass guitar.
Aisha AlMuzaiel, 18 years old, I’m a musician.

Tell us about your education.
Shaikha: I graduated in 2015 from Higher Institute of Music Art (BA) specialization in Orchestral Instruments (violin).
Noura: I graduated in Business Management at the American University of Middle East.
Maryam: I study Avionics at College of Aviation Technology in Kuwait.
Aisha: Hopefully, I’ll be studying Zoology and I aspire to be a veterinarian in the future.

What is it exactly that you do?
Shaikha: I’m a music teacher. I teach secondary school.
Noura: My official job is a banker. I’m also a business owner in the beauty field.
Maryam: I study avionics at college of aviation technology in Kuwait.
Aisha: I’m a singer/songwriter and also play the violin, piano and the ukulele.

What got you interested in what you’re doing?
Shaikha: What got me interested and inspired in music is how the music takes you to another place by just listening to it, and also its influence on humans.
Noura: First, music is in our genes, so I guess it wasn’t so hard to fall in love and get inspired by the beauty of all types of music.
Aisha & Maryam: We’ve always loved music. How it can change lives, deliver emotions that touch the soul and deliver messages that need to be heard. It inspired us to teach ourselves how to sing and learn a few instruments.

What makes you unique or special in what you are doing?
Shaikha: What makes me unique is I like to try everything in music from instruments or theories and different styles on the violin like jazz, blues and hip-hop.
What makes me special is that it’s rare to see a Kuwaiti girl play a difficult instrument like violin or to compose.
Noura: What makes our band unique is that we always take everything to another level and we never do something that other artists/bands here in Kuwait dare to do. But what makes me special is that there’s no other Kuwaiti girl who does soul/jazz music as a vocalist.
Maryam: Well I think I’m unique because in my society not that many girls play instruments and I’m proud to be the first female bassist in Kuwait. Still there’s a long way ahead and goals to achieve in this.
Aisha: Everyone is special in their own way, but singing opera is what makes me unique. It’s very rare for a girl my age to sing that kind of style in Kuwait.

Tell us your journey to where you have reached today. How was the initial struggle?
We all started our journey performing at a young age before we found ourselves and what we really wanted to be. We learned a lot by performing and meeting a lot of musicians from different countries and our journey has only just started. We still have a long road ahead but hopefully, we will fight our way through every obstacle we’ll face. The main struggles were when we had to manage between our official jobs (Shaikha, Noura), studying/school (Maryam/Aisha) and rehearsing, performing and recording.

How has been the help of your family in what you are doing? Were they supportive since the beginning?
Since we are all sisters, our families (especially our moms) have been our support system. From the day they discovered our talents they have been sculpting and shaping our skills to make us ready to produce something different and unique today. They really believed in our talents and they helped us build it through music classes and summer courses.

Who are your top 3 heroes and why?
Shaikha: I always look up to Naoko Terai. She’s a jazz violinist and I love how she mixes the classic music with jazz in a different arraignment. Shoji Sayaka is always inspiring on her violin. Lucia Micarali is a classical violinist but what I love about her is that she can play any kind of music; rock, jazz, smooth, jazz violin, and the way she plays on the stage.
Noura: Christina Aguilera (my role model), Nina Simon (my hero), and Etta James. They are all unique, amazing soul singers and they are not afraid to express themselves as strong women who can fight for women’s rights through their incredible music.
Aisha: First is John Lennon. He is my role model and my hero. I’ve always loved his songs and his lyrics. Not only do I look up to him because of his music but also for how he answered violence and hatred by spreading peace and love. He wasn’t afraid to speak up and be himself. Second is Etta James. She was a fierce, strong, beautiful young woman who sang her heart out and didn’t let any man disrespect her. Finally, Nelson Mandela. He was revolutionary, a leader and a legend who took a stand and changed history.

What are some of the challenges you are facing in your field and how are you overcoming them?
Shaikha: The struggle I experienced was when I entered Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center. I was the youngest and the only Kuwaiti girl between sixty musicians. It was very challenging for me.
Noura: Facing my fear of crowds and people when we perform our music in public.
Maryam: I faced a lot of challenges. It was kind of hard learning without help. Also focusing on music and my studies at the same time; I have dreams on both.
Aisha: Learning the instruments I play now was very challenging in the beginning but I overcame those challenges by hard work and lots and lots of practice.

What advice or mentorship made a difference in your career?
Shaikha: Nothing comes easy. That’s what I learned. If you want something to happen you have to have a plan first then work hard and be patient. Practice makes perfect. Never give up.
Noura: If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.
Meryam: Invest your time to your goal.
Aisha: Chase your dreams and live a life you will remember.

How would your friends describe you?
Shaikha: Dreamer, always ready, creative.
Noura: Perfectionist, hard worker, competitive.
Maryam: Insistent, fast learner, calm.
Aisha: Passionate, never gives up, dreamer.

What are some of your hobbies?
Shaikha: Painting, cooking, composing.
Noura: Beauty, beach activities/swimming, writing.
Maryam: Writing poems.
Aisha: Other than music, I really love writing and reading books.

What are some of your top achievements?
Shaikha: My top achievement was when I entered Sheikh Jaber AL-Ahmad Cultural Center. I had my first concert by my name at Yarmouk Center and I did a lecture from my own studies and research about how the music affects the human brain.
Noura: I had my own business in the beauty industry. Also, joining my sister in her first concert as a solo singer with a hard working Kuwaiti female group.
Maryam: One of my top achievements is to be part of an all female Kuwaiti band. It really helped me to achieve some of my goals.
Aisha: Being a member of the first all Kuwaiti female band is my proudest and best achievement.

What are your plans or goals for the future?
For the future, we wish to show our society that girls can do a lot. And to the other young talented girls, never give up on following your dreams. Now we are working on our new goals. We always wanted to have our own album and compose our music. That’s what is going to be next.

How does it feel to have been chosen for this award?
It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of this event that gives young talented people a chance to achieve their dreams. We are so proud and happy to be chosen for this award.

Your message for other young and talented people out there.
Work hard on your talent. Always practice. You will never know when it’s your time to shine.

Your favourite quote.
‘Success is the best revenge.’
‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.’



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