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Words: José Berrocoso


The vision to create contemporary designs that are culturally conscious yet timeless led to the inception of Serrb. Founded in 2018 by Emirati sisters, Budoor, Noor and Sarah Al Khaja, Serrb is a brand that exudes confidence and defines women supporting each other. Budoor and Noor work hand-in-hand to turn their aspirations into reality.


Serrb is a brand that showcases an array of abayas, kaftans, capes and dresses designed by Noor, and brought to business by Budoor. Together, the sisters bring out a contemporary brand that emphasises modest styles. The spirit of Serrb lies in its selection of exceptional and exquisite fabrics that take form in signature clean cut designs reflecting the strength of the brand.


Embracing the elegance and power of every woman, Serrb evokes minimalist sophistication transcending seasons. For this season, the brand is presenting designs inspired by the dynamic spirit of Morocco, catered for the warm summer days and the auspicious season of Ramadan.


With a focus on contemporary styles, the Spring/Summer designs exhibit a sense of relaxed femininity with minimal silhouettes in light, flowy fabrics. Taking form in dresses and floor length jackets tied together with twisted belts of rope, this collection embraces refined sophistication. Incorporating an element of fringes and tassels highlight a Moroccon approach to detailing.

Staying true to the inspiration, the collection flows into classic Ramadan silhouettes of kaftans and abayas with hints of tassels illustrating a contemporary look, finished with an Arabian touch.


A neutral color palette drawn from the desert features shades of sand, salt and black, which seamlessly fuses with pastel hues of oasis blue, desert sky, wildflower, dusty rose and dune pink. While blending in gold shimmer for an elegant touch.

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