Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain


Sarah Hussain is a youngKuwaiti woman and the Kuwait champion for bodybuilding. She is a proud mother to an eleven years old boy. Sarah’s biggest support and motivation comes from her husband, who is also a bodybuilding champion. The pandemic has taught Sarah to be more disciplined, more serious about her goals and having more time to re-think and organize her plans.
We sat with Sarah this month to know more about her and her love for body building.

Tell us about your education.
I graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelors degree in “Geology” and a masters degree in “Petroleum engineering and geology”.

How and when did you become interested in bodybuilding?
This passion grew up with me since my childhood. I always looked after athletes pictures and stories in sports magazines. I used to search and learn about this sport by asking and learning from best coaches in the world. I fell in love with this sport since I was 14 years old and am digging deeply year after year. Especially, when I see how it affects me mentally and physically in a positive way.

Provide some background for the readers (height, age, contest weight, competition history).
I am 174cm. Usually in my category “figure” they don’t consider the weight as a requirement. Figure competitors are divided into groups due to their heights not weights.
About my competitions, I did 9 ifbb/NPC international shows. All placed as:

5th place in Winter Classic, Florida, 2015
3rd place in Natural Ironman, LA, 2016
6th place in Arnold Classic South Africa, 2016
2nd place in Gold Coast, LA, 2017
6th place in Phill Heath, Dallas, 2017
5th place in Arnold Classic, OH, 2018
2nd place in Mr/Ms Buffalo, TX, 2018
3rd place in Pittsburgh Championships, PA, 2018
1st place in Caribbean Grand Prix, Bahamas, 2018 & 2nd overall

Was your family supportive of your bodybuilding goals? What are the prevailing attitudes towards bodybuilding within the Arab-Muslim Female community?
As you may know that the idea of a Muslim woman that compete on a stage with a certain outfit is not an acceptable idea in the Arab region. Yes, I broke the rules and built my own history with my own achievements.
Initially I didn’t get a lot of family support as you know this is something new and not acceptable to a lot of people. But, at the end I could own their respect and their full support.
I did many things to win my people’s respect and appreciation by deleting all of my stage photos and videos even from Youtube, Google, and Instagram accounts. Also from the contest websites. Some of them asked for a fee and I accepted it and deleted everything because I wanted to respect my family and my people. I want to respect their ideology and the Islamic beliefs. Since I am living in this community, people start showing their respect and admiring my hardwork and my respected personality. Eventually, my trophies and medals can speak about my achievements instead of my postures and videos. Nothing better than being the people’s champion with respect.

If you had to define all that you do in a title, what would you say?
searching for the glory.

How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?
First of all, the successful workout and diet should fit and evolve your lifestyle and it finds you moving your body in a way that makes you happy. That’s why I always advise people not to train for any special event only. Rather train for life. Because your life is your biggest challenge, so train to beat it.
Fitness is more than looking good. Its feeling good on both the inside and outside. My fitness philosophy is to become the best version of me. Challenge myself everyday with my goals. We have only one life, one body, and one chance, that’s why we should take care of it.

What has been your greatest bodybuilding achievement, and why? Have there been any disappointing moments?
My best achievement was holding the trophy and the medal on one of the biggest strongest bodybuilding competition; “Arnold Classic Ohio“ in 2018 with honour. It was the best moment in my competing journey. I worked so hard and it was my hardest preparation ever but at the end all this pain and suffering was worth it.
The most disappointed moment I lived was in my last show in Bahamas when I was supposed to take the overall winning title and win the pro card. But as you know things always happen under the table in this sport and It wasn’t my lucky day. I worked so hard to win the pro card in that competition but at the end I always say “It’s our God’s willing”. No matter what these moments, it always makes me stronger and better and I always wish the best for the other competitors and try to motivate them and encourage them before stepping on the stage even if we are competing against each other. I believe bodybuilding sport is a sport of manners.

Describe the experience of competing in your first pro show. Where did you place? Did you arrive in the type of physical shape you were hoping to?
The first competition is always the hardest. Not only physically, but also mentally. It was in Florida 2015 where I placed 5th and was really a good place as my first show.
I remember that I was super excited and self-confident with some nervous feeling of course.
No one would reach his/her best shape in the first show. It takes time, hard work, commitment, and discipline to reach the best shape of our bodies. It develops more and more and show after show.

What are some tips you have for people looking to get into shape?
Always believe to achieve. Always trust your abilities, your process, your work and your coach.
Always love the pain you feel because the pain you feel today will be the strength you get tomorrow.
Be patient, be strong, be unstoppable, and never stop until you are proud.
If others could, then I can. If I could, then you can. Just BELIEVE and always surround yourself with positive people.

What mistakes do people make when working out?
Mostly, they don’t focus. I see a lot of people depend on lifting heavy weights more than focusing and that’s wrong. Heavy weight is not the key, FOCUSING is.
They should always connect their mind with their muscles. Train in a clever way with focusing even with light/medium weights you can get that perfect body if you FOCUS.
Another mistake is that they spend hours and hours lifting which is totally wrong. It should never take more than an hour for lifting. For sure some wrong techniques can cause a lot of injuries and many other mistakes. But, it will takes a lot of time to explain it.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra you live by?
What are some of your other hobbies?
My famous quote is “BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE”. I also have a tattoo with that quote.
Believe it or not, I am a horse rider too. I started that sport even before I started competing. I admire riding horses so much that it’s in my blood too. Soon, I will bring back that sport of mine again.

Who or what gives you the most inspiration?
I have good friends all around the world that always support me and motivate me. But the biggest supportive person is my husband. He is a bodybuilding champion too from Oman. He always motivates me, supports me, and be there for me whenever I need him.
what gives me the most inspiration is seeing people that I help everyday smiling and getting better with better bodies and health. Their kind words and prayers for me is the biggest inspiration for me to keep doing what I am doing by coaching them. Teaching them and increasing their sport culture and also the way the people are looking at me as an idol is something to be proud of.

How has the fitness scene affected by the pandemic?
Describe your current training routine and diet.
Of course! The pandemic affected this fitness scene in a negative way. Gyms were closed for long time and that affected a lot of competitors in a bad. The competitions were stopped but there is always a good side coming from every dark side. As you know being healthy and an athlete helps our immune system to rise up. So always try to get healthy life no matter if the gyms are closed. Working out and eating healthy can be done everywhere anywhere.
Now, I am following low carb high protein diet. Eating 5 to 6 meals a day. No cheat meals until my coach allow me to. I work out 6 days a week and I never skip my morning cardio even in my off days. I put 100% in my workout and diet plan. It’s all about keeping moving and never stopping.

Do you think bodybuilding is a healthy sport?
Yes it is. In case the athlete depends on following a certain diet and workout plan only and be patient. Any sport, not only bodybuilding will help increase our immune system and get better and healthier lifestyle. So, it’s a must.

Tell us about your fitness modelling experience and what are your goals for modelling?
Since 2015, I am a member of a Fitness Modeling agency in Dallas, Texas. I didn’t have enough time to do photoshoots with them as I was too busy for four years in competing. But, now I am having more time to focus on this. I believe that I have the best features to be top fitness model and my goal is to be an International top fitness model.

Do you consider yourself a good poser? What is your approach to designing your posing routine?
At the beginning of my competing journey, my posing routine wasn’t that good and that is normal because we learn more and more about it during each show. Now, I can say that I am one of the best posers. I am in a professional posing level. As you know posing has the highest points in any bodybuilding contest and I can give some posing classes for figure and wellness categories.

What do you hope to achieve, ultimately, as a bodybuilder? What are your future plans?
To reach the best shape of my physique ever. My plan is to continue working out and dieting till I reach that perfect shape to reach a new achievement.

What important thing have you learnt during the pandemic?
To be more disciplines. Being more serious about my goals and having more time to re-think and organize my plans. And always be thankful for everything I have.

If people have only 10 spare minutes a day, what can they do?
Try to use it for setting a new goal, new plan, and new achievements.
Never waste a minute in your life without making it worthy.

Your message for us at CP magazine.
I appreciate your time with me. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to introduce myself and try to inspire other people.
Finally, remember that you only fail when you stop trying. So keep trying until you are proud.

Photographer: @fahad_alsaleh
Makeup Artist:@haifa_makeup
Hair Stylist: @lpbkuwait @aijamal_hairstyle

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