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//José Berrocoso//

“I truly believe in the power of good ideas. Creativity can change everything!”


A fresh new talent on the European illustration scene, German artist Samy Löwe has quickly built a reputation for himself creating clear, colourful imagery with a sense of fun about it. Communicating core messages with simple pictures is his specialty and he always finds a way of making audiences smile.

Fast entertainment (2019)
Everyone knows the situation after a long day at work, after an endless drive or a relaxed Sunday; the motivation to cook some healthy and fresh food decreases like your patience. After a short fight your stomach beats your brain and you pick up your phone to deliver your favourite fast food. Samy thinks that our current Netflix, Youtube and Social Media consumption is quite similar to that feeling. Everything has to be fast or even faster and that development doesn’t stop. He is a huge fan of Netflix and Instagram and Youtube are part of his daily life so don’t misunderstand him, but it’s really funny to see those parallels. So enjoy your meal!


Selflove (2019)
Do you love yourself? It’s really hard to answer this question. Samy would argue that everybody should be a huge fan of his/her own life, no matter what situation they are in. He knows that sounds like stupid motivational blurb but there is a reason why you are here. There are people you influence every single day and your time is a great gift. But like that birthday present from your uncle last summer it’s up to you to see the motivation and positive aspects behind that gift or to sell it on eBay or throw it away. His series tries to link daily objects with this message: YOU ARE PRICELESS!

Creative Journey (2019)
Samy tried to challenge himself at the beginning of 2019. He knew at that time it would take a lot of time to improve his skills and he asked himself if it was possible to upload a creative idea every single day for one year. The first weeks were really easy and the fast development motivated him to come up with new ideas.


But then it became harder and harder, other things crossed his challenge and the daily life knocked on Samy’s door. But never, ever underestimate the power of yourself and the possible improvement of one year. Good luck on your path and stay creative!



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