Samiksha Nath

Samiksha Nath

‘A healthy mind brings out healthy and positive ideas’

Sakshi Nath knows better than most that Dubai really is the land of opportunity. But her ambitions don’t stop there. Dubai isn’t the only place where food and beauty are in high demand; and with one Indian restaurant already opened in Kuwait, her beauty lounge looks set to follow.

Please introduce yourself to our readers:
My name is Samiksha Nath, known as Sakshi Nath. I am science graduate and hold a master’s degree in fashion designing from India. I’m married, lived in Delhi, moved to Nigeria after marriage, then after 12 years, moved to Dubai. I am married to Bhupender Nath and we have two teenage boys aged 15 and 18. I have always worked, both before marriage and after. In Dubai we own two beautiful Indian restaurants and two beauty salons. We have taken our restaurant brand to Kuwait – it’s called Tresind Kuwait.

Tell us a bit more about your education and how and when you got started in the beauty industry:
I believe time should be spent productively and effectively and that drives me to work. I worked in the fashion industry before moving to Africa and pursued my passion for fashion, opening a boutique in Lagos, Nigeria. I always wanted to get in to the beauty industry because I feel it’s a very integral part of fashion. Makeup, skin and hair play a very important role in fashion. I did a beauty course in India many years ago and always wanted to open a spa and salon back in Nigeria. It didn’t happen due to logistics but when I moved to Dubai, the sky was the limit! I realized that the Middle East has a lot of scope in the beauty business but was somehow missing the niche of it. I saw a gap in the beauty industry in this region and wanted to establish a dedicated leading brand. After a long search for both the place and concept we finally found what we were looking for and, with the right team, set up the first branch of Queens Beauty Lounge in JLT. A month later, we opened in Dubai Marina Walk.

Did anyone or anything inspire you along the way?
I have a learned spirit and many people, places and incidents inspire me. I believe in healthy living and a healthy lifestyle and feel it’s important to feel good, look good and have a healthy mindset. A healthy mind brings out healthy and positive ideas and that makes a lot of difference. I believe in eating good, feeling good and looking good.

In what way have you evolved since you began your journey of having a beauty salon?
We moved to Dubai at the time when it was going through a serious financial crisis. The market was crushed and businesses seemed to have a lot of problems. However, we were very positive and never lost hope, constantly looking for opportunities and working to bring in new ideas and a new concept to this part of the world. My husband always had a dream to open a restaurant in India but when we moved here, he realized there were no really good Indian restaurants. We opened the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Dubai called Tresind, successfully in 2014. A year after, we opened another restaurant called Carnival by Tresind. I had been simultaneously working on my beauty business and opened my two salons in 2015. That proves our faith in this land and the opportunities it offers to people. In August 2017, we opened Tresind in Kuwait and are looking at opening one more branch of Queens in another very good location by 2018.

Tell us about your Queens brand/ business:
As we all know, the beauty industry is vast and one that can be explored in many ways. We don’t believe in competing in the rat-race but always want to try something new and different. Dubai has hundreds and thousands of spas and salons and I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. After visiting a lot of places and doing my research, I finally decided to open a brand that caters for complete and long lasting solutions and results and not just a quick fix. I came up with a natural and organic spa and salon and that’s how Queens Beauty Lounge was born. This is the only spa I think which offers complete head-to-toe services using different well known organic and natural brands.

How did you come up with the name of your salon?
I believe every girl is treated in her father’s home like a princess and should be treated like a queen in her husband’s home. I want every woman to feel like, be treated like, and be pampered like a queen and what better name to give to the place which offers exactly that to every client who walks in our salon?

What do you think is the key to your success?
We are in a service industry in both of our businesses. Whether it’s our restaurant or our spa the keys to success are operation and the service we offer and provide to our clients. We invest in our staff because they are the ones who satisfy every need and expectation of our clients.

Which piece of advice would you give to someone starting a new business?
I would say, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Do what you are passionate about not what everyone else is doing. In fact, I would say, do what no-one else does or has thought to do. Be a trend setter not a follower.

Where do you see your brand in ten years?
There are many plans in man’s heart but time will tell what and where one would be. I would like to have several branches of Queens in GCC. We are using lots of different organic and natural brands in our spa but eventually, God willing, I will have my own organic brands under Queens for our spa and salon and would like to distribute too.

Please tell us your tips on how you manage to always look fabulous, while having a family and running your own company?
I believe in simple things. Keep your skin clean and healthy, drink lots of water and green tea, and focus on the strong points of your beauty. You must know your body type and dress accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes and highlight your face with proper contouring. I believe your hair, nails and smile make all the difference to your appearance.

If you would describe yourself in three words, what would those words be?
Glamorous, demanding and hard-working.

Last but not least, which are the favourite skincare, makeup and hair products that you can’t live without?
I love Shirley Conlon Organics for my skin, bareMinerals make up primer, Urban Decay naked palette eyeshadow, bareMinerals highlighter, translucent powder, Paese eye and lip concealer, Nashi Argan hair oil.






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