Rock House Sliders Introduces A Healthy And Refreshing Avocado-Date Treat

Rock House Sliders Introduces A Healthy And Refreshing Avocado-Date Treat
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If you are looking for an insanely healthy and delicious option when it is time to breaking the fast of Ramadan, Rock House Sliders may have exactly what you are looking for with its new Avocado-Date Shake. Rock House Sliders is a fresh and rockin’ fast food casual eatery offering savory high-quality dishes for great value, a lively place where any upbeat personality can enjoy quality time. We had the awesome opportunity to be the first ever to taste this one-of-kind shake, and we have to say we weren’t disappointed in any way.

First off, the shake is a perfect way to eat healthy when you break the Ramadan fast, as it has some really intense nutritional benefits that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Rock House Sliders has really come up with a winner with this shake as it is frothy, creamy and ever so slightly sweet. When Rock House Sliders served these shakes up for us, our mouths were watering as they looked (and tasted) so cool and refreshing we couldn’t wait to dig right in and take a sip.

Healthy From The First Sip To The Last
For starters, you’ll experience the creamy avocado taste of this shake that will give you the energy to get through your fast as it has tons of potassium and fiber to fill you up. Plus, the avocado fruit is a good antioxidant and can ward off disease and provide relief from arthritis symptoms.

As if this wasn’t enough, dates were added that make a wonderful treat as you drink. Their caramelly flavor surprises and satisfies as they are a healthy alternative that can help with intestinal issues and constipation while also protecting you from heart disease. You’ll love feasting on this traditional Arabic fruit!

We found that the Avocado-Date Shake is the ideal way to beat the summer heat of Kuwait. This shake cools you off instantly and refreshes your palette while allowing you to break the fast of the month of Ramadan.

A Limited Edition Offering For Ramadan
You’ll want to hurry and get your Avocado-Date Shake form Rock House Sliders as it is a limited-edition menu item that will only be offered by the restaurant for Ramadan. You don’t want to miss your chance to taste this amazing drink and take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

We have to say that we loved everything about the Avocado-Date Shake from Rock House Sliders and we are honoured that they chose us to try it first. We give the shake high marks all around and will definitely be drinking this shake during Ramadan.

This beautiful and yummy creation joins the other inspiring and tasty shakes on the house, and you can find those in the Rock House Sliders’ permanent menu: the wonderfully playful and sweet Messy Oreo shake and the nutritional delight that is the Chocolate peanut butter shake! Nothing but quality for the buoyant and youthful personalities that have made Rock House Sliders their place of choice.

Get Yours Now!
Luckily, Rock House Sliders has several locations, so it will be easy for you to get your hands on an Avocado-Date Shake too! You can find the same delicious treats and a similar positive and lively atmosphere at any of the locations, in Salmiya , Jabrya, Sharq , Hawali , Jahra, Qurain or the Bairaq Mall. If you are thinking of joining the fun with a group of friends, nothing easier than making a reservation by phone at 1800747. Plus, Rock House Sliders has TALABAT delivery too! So, don’t delay and be sure to try this unique and so delicious shake, so you can fill up, cool off, and get healthy!!



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