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Ready To Escape

Ready To Escape
By: null

//Abir Achkar//


In the art of packing, as so often in life, you learn through your mistakes. Holiday packing always begins with good intentions as planning is the key.

Knowing what to pack for a summer holiday can be hard whether you’re hitting an island or the city. Choosing your holiday wardrobe might sound like an exciting prospect but it’s challenging at the same time.

The number one rule is DON’T PACK LIGHT, PACK CLEVER.

Your travel wardrobe should be 100% tailored to your style. Be as versatile as possible (to save you valuable suitcase space). Essentially, the perfect travel wardrobe consists of all the same qualities as a great capsule wardrobe, just on a smaller scale and for a much more defined set of activities.

In this article I’ll show you THE 3-STEP FORMULA to put together a remixable travel wardrobe for anything, whether it’s a short or long break.

STEP 1: Think outfits
•Write a list of activities
•Estimate the number of required outfits for each
•Select 1-2 options for each activity

The most important piece of information you need to build a travel wardrobe is your itinerary or travel plans. What will you be doing all day during your trip? Sightseeing, lounging on the yacht..? You need to be aware of the nature of your holiday lifestyle.

STEP 2: Create your basic wardrobe
•Select your outfits
•Create looks with accessories
•Mix and match your day-to-night staple pieces

The fun part in creating any wardrobe is the mix and match game. Whether it’s a colour game or how to transform your look from day into night using most of the same pieces. Simply be creative and enjoy!

STEP3: The outcome
•Select specific items to be the highlight of the wardrobe
•Make your wardrobe documented (take a picture of each outfit)

Planning your outfits ahead of time is a good idea for two reasons. 1) It will help you make sure your travel wardrobe is versatile enough and works for your destination. 2) It will save you tons of valuable getting ready time during your trip. And of course, not forgetting the specific items I have mentioned above for a stylish photo shoot! Who doesn’t like to take a few pictures wearing their best pieces and to share them on their social platform? Make sure you leave your fashion prints wherever you visit!

The maxi dress
Nothing beats a ‘throw and go’ maxi dress when you’re on holiday. Wear on its own with wedges for an evening meal or layer with a T-shirt underneath and a pair of trainers for a day-time look. You could even mix things up by wearing a light knit over the top for your journey home and turning the dress into a skirt.

The oversized shirt
You may think anything long-sleeved is a no-go but a shirt could be perfect to keep you covered up during the evening chill. It also looks great tied around the waist or undone over denim shorts.

Head accessories
The bandana or headscarf is a must-have item this summer.
Tie it around your hair, tie it around your hat, tie it around your bag – or even your belt buckle! This little piece of material can brighten up any of your holiday looks and it’s so versatile.


Statement pieces/accessories
No look will be complete without accessories. This summer it’s all about statement necklaces and earrings, bold colours and layering. Have fun this summer and play the layering and stack game.


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