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//Abir Achkar//


To get dressed or not to get dressed? Studies show that the way we dress and look can affect our mental and physical performance and also has a correlation with our emotional state. We are currently in a time we may feel isolated depressed and less connected with the outer world and it may become normal to not have the motivation to get out of our pyjamas!

When we first were housebound and the Coronavirus had started, I found myself constantly in my pyjamas and oversized joggers and honestly, I really enjoyed this hibernate mode at first but the fact that I was super comfortable and not bothered to put an effort made me feel less motivated, lazy, and depressed. Staying stuck with your pyjamas day after day sets your mood for the rest of your day. The fact is that it’s possible to dress comfy and still look good and polished.

However, keeping a consistent routine is very helpful and makes you feel positive and motivated. Setting up a routine can be challenging at first, especially if you don’t know where to start but we have to rapidly adjust to a new way of life! Starting with changing your eating habits and start eating clean, staying active and try a new activity. Get creative and learn something new as keeping your mind engaged is good for your physical health.

I divided my routine attire into 3 categories from most casual to most put together:



Whether I’m working out or just chilling, yoga pants and hoodies are true staples and been always my favourites. Try to put on an activewear in the morning it makes you motivated to get some exercise throughout the day


Workwear Capsules:

A pair of your favourite jeans and a basic Tee can lift your mood and put you on a productive mode; ‘it’s time to get back to basics staples.’



Staying home has become the new norm. Joggers whether matching sets or individuals are definitely worth considering.

Style Tip: ‘If you feel uninspired with your wardrobe try finding one piece you are into and start building off to that.’ Since you’re quarantined and no one can see you, take the chance to start exploring with different styles and colours and who knows you may find your true style personality!

Stay safe, positive, and stylish! xox Abir


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