Planning To Study Abroad?

Planning To Study Abroad?


A TOFEL exam, a master’s degree or even a PhD, is the goal of every ambitious student willing to emigrate from their homeland in order to come back with an earned higher degree.

The hard times and struggles you faced in order to earn that degree are nothing compared to the stress of finding out that the university or institute where you earned your degree is not officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait, thus making your degree unaccredited and all the study, hard times and fee payments wasted.

Unfortunately, many people who take it upon themselves to go abroad and study – some of whom actually leave their jobs to do so – don’t visit the Ministry of Higher Education to check the list of officially accredited and recognized institutes before making their selection based on that list.

That said, the list is subject to change. However, that doesn’t mean that the student who’s already studying in an institute which later becomes unaccredited, has to quit. The Ministerial Decision doesn’t apply to the legal status that was earned before the order was issued.

So, if the institute is now shown as unaccredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, no new students should submit to it; but for the students already submitted and who were studying there before the decision, it’s considered an accredited institute.

Moreover, the student can sue the Ministry if they refuse to grant the official recognized and accredited status to his certificate.

Here is some advice to consider before choosing an institute to study in:

1- Visit the Ministry of Higher Education and ask for the list of officially recognized universities and institutes. This will help save time and effort knowing which institute to study in.

2- The Kuwaiti Culture Office based in the country that you’re hoping to study is a great source for safe information that you can trust. Contact them to learn all you need to know regarding the information needed to submit to an institute.

3- Contact the institute and ask for a list of the fees that should be paid.

Good luck building yourself up!


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