NOBLE SMILE: Dental Clinic in Riyadh

NOBLE SMILE: Dental Clinic in Riyadh
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Today, founder and Medical Director of Noble Smile Dental Care, Dr. Ahmed M. Shamiyah, shares details about dental treatments in his clinic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Noble Smile is a leading firm in MEA, operating with different dental specialties since their inception in 2009. With a strong presence and reputation among international business groups and diplomatic representations in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ahmed treats patients from more than 65 countries across the world, alongside a large group of Saudi nationals.

I asked Dr. Ahmed about the specification of his dental clinic. He informed me of the award winning services the team consistently achieves. Noble Smile Dental Care operates with different dental specialties and has three full-time dentists and four dental assistants.

“Our Noble Smile Dental Care team consists of dentists and nurses with American, British and international education and training to provide our patients with the utmost care utilizing the latest technology and techniques. Our passionate team plays a vital role in the overall success of the practice. We ensure that the practice is able to deliver a service that exceeds expectations. This reflects the hard working, trained and experienced team that forms the backbone of Noble Smile Dental Care.”

Dr. Ahmed with Former Defence and Army Attache US Embassy, Riyadh


I went on to ask Dr. Ahmed about the most common types of treatments administered at the clinic.
“We are a specialized dental care clinic. We provide cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, implant dentistry and laser dental therapies. Whilst working within an industry that is constantly evolving with the latest technological advances, the key to staying ahead of the game is to ensure we are able to deliver an impeccable service to clients.
At Noble Smile Dental Care, the team works tirelessly to ensure we are at the forefront of all emerging developments and trends.

Why do people need veneers? I asked.
“Veneers are not for all patients. Patients with severe stains, old damaged restoration with severe stains, spacing between the teeth and altered shaped teeth are the ones who must ask for veneer treatment. Overall, we look for what our clients want, evaluating what exactly they might need and we provide what is best to restore and maintain good and long lasting oral and maxillofacial health.”

With Mr. Luca Ferrari Ambassadoe of Italy in Saudi Arabia

I was interested to learn what kind of technology they use at the clinic.
“At Noble Smile Dental Care, we keep our staff up-to-date with all the latest changes, utilizing all new aspects of technology to provide an exceptional oral and dental care service to our patients.”

So, what does Mr. Ahmed like to do in his spare time?
“I like to meet people from different parts of the world and to watch new movies. Swimming and walking is something I enjoy when I have the time.”

Dr. Ahmed wit Mr.Oliver Ohems, Delegate for industry and Commerce for KSA, Bahrain and Yemen


In summary, Noble Smile Dental Care welcomes all new patient enquiries and is ready to assist with all metal work, from hygienic cleaning to complex work.

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