Niloufar Torabi

Niloufar Torabi
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“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Niloufar is a self-taught artist based in Iran. She further enhanced her passion for art by earning a BA degree in painting. She uses different art forms to express her work and loves trying new materials and techniques. Niloufar is also conducting workshops to teach art and at the moment conducting online workshops.

Thank you for joining us for this interview.
You are most welcome. Many thanks to you for your time.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
My name is Niloufar Torabi, I am a Visual Artist. The fields I work on is painting, sculpturing and digital arts.

Tell us about your education.
I graduated with a BA degree in painting from Soore Arts University of Tehran.

What got you interested in arts?
As a person who lived all her life with art since. I was a 3 year old child since when my one and only passion was to depicting my perception of reality and my dreams.

Are you a self-taught artist or did you take an formal training?
I am a self-taught artist.

What is your form of art best described as?
Well, it varies for different collections. In some of traditional works it’s near to realism and expressionism and in digital works its near to pop-art. Collectively it can be categorised as realism.

What are your favourite materials to use?
Every material has its own absorbing properties to work with. I usually work with the almost all kindd of materials and always enjoy trying new materials.

Why do you prefer creating variations of existing art?
Personally, I’m very fond of being creative with new experiences. I get tired of repetitious routines very soon. So, I feel it’s a new way to present my work.

Where do you take the inspiration for your work?
The best inspiration for my work are the portraits of people. Particularly people who are influencers in human life. Such as scientists, artists, philosophers, etc.
Painting their portraits gives me a way of decoding their knowledge and intelligence at the same time it changes my point of view influenced by their perception.

What is your process of completing a piece from start to finish?
My process usually starts with an unstoppable passion of painting. Unconscious lying I have a keen concentration on finding shortcuts for doing my process as fast as is possible. Speed has a main role in my working process.

How has your professional life been affected by the pandemic, the ongoing issues with coronavirus?
Unlike many other peoplethe Corona virus pandemic have had so much positive effects in my life. For instance It has made me my focus on my work deeper and has provided me the solitude I need more than before.

What’s it like where you are?
The situation here is very different as we don’t have a government forced lockdown. People lockdown themselves if they want to. I personally take proper care and precautions and try to go out as less as I could.


What does an average day look like for you under lockdown?
I usually wake up early in the morning and after an hour doing sport and doing housework like cooking then I go to my studio and start working on art projects. At night I get home and spend time on reading book and doing meditation before sleep.

How are you dealing with this sudden change in lifestyle?
This sudden situation hasn’t changed things extremely in my lifestyle. Indeed It made me more careful about my health and diet.

What are the important lessons you have learned during this time?
15. I think life is too short and we don’t know how much long it lasts. So, what I’ve learned during this time is to be more patient and to love the loved ones sincerely and to emphasize on love, happiness and gratitude.


What are you doing now that’s ultimately constructive to your life and/or career?
I am teaching online and producing new artworks related to the pandemic.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve realized during this period of social distancing?
What made me surprised is that many people in our era don’t know how to face the tough situation. They are unable to make themselves happy even for few minutes. Actually we in the 21st century haven’t learned efficient skills to be relaxed in order to encounter the crisis .

Did you develop any new interest or hobby or learned a new skill during this time?
In pandemic period I’ve started to learn music from my husband and practicing piano that makes a wonderful time for me.

What income-producing work have you lost due to the pandemic?
I cancelled all of my painting and drawing physical classes due to pandemic. It reduced my income but recently I’ve started running online classes which provides some income for me during this pandemic.

What’s your favourite music/songs for the moment?
My favourite music is classical music. I have a keen interest in Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.


Any advice on staying sane & relatively positive through this situation?
My best advice to your readers is to try staying positive. Change the old habits. Stop being passive and find something new that makes you happy.

What 3 things could you not live without under lockdown?
My painting tools, books and a connection to internet.

What are you missing most about the outside world?
What I’ve lost during this pandemic is having parties with friends and spending happy time with them

What are you most looking forward to doing once the lockdown is over?
The most thing I love to do after pandemic is to travel to the nature for at least one week.

How do you think life will be after Covid-19?
In my opinion after this pandemic people will be very stronger in case of facing hard situations. As Fredrich Nietzche the German philosopher said; “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

Finally, your message for us at CP magazine.
I have a special appreciation to CP Magazine for inviting me to this interview and have my artwork as one of your cover. I also applaud your idea of paying attention on the lifestyle of people during this pandemic which is very valuable and helpful. This is a positive action in the way of well being and having a happier life.

Thank you so much.

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