My Ramadan Edit

My Ramadan Edit
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//Abir Achkar//


“Empty your stomach to feed your soul“

I suppose this sums it up. Ramadan is finally here, a month in its essence filled with spirituality, reflection and social gathering.


So much to wear in one month is a challenge!

The Suhoor and Iftar invites have already started piling up for Ramadan and it’s time to detox your wardrobe to keep up with the super-busy social schedule. If you haven’t updated your Ramadan wardrobe yet, read on to find some inspirational style tips and fashion updates.

To celebrate Ramadan, many regional and international designers have released their Ramadan capsules. Lately, big names such as Gucci, Max Mara and many more have given the Ramadan season a major slot within their agenda.

To celebrate the month of Ramadan with style, you must simply make an impression!

Dress: @incanto_boutique


Creating a balance between tradition and glamour is the key. Be authentic, be creative and try to bring out your style personality. For example, if you are a classic elegant person try wearing a bold silk kaftan and top it with your favourite accessories. One focal point can do the work for your overall look.

Kaftan style is a subtle art of chic, the kind of taste you can’t pinpoint or define, but impossible to miss. Kaftans and turbans are becoming commonplace on so many iconic magazine covers.

Kaftans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, meaning you can wear it during Ramadan then use it in summer from the beach to a barbeque. Simply timeless!

Let me take you to my Ramadan edit list from international to regional designers.


Like mother like daughter
Saudi Arabian brand, Leem, has always been focused on bold bright expression, chic in its level. Their latest collection is focused on the mother and daughter matching kaftans. It’s a great way to bond with your little princess during the Holy Month.


Your own signature
Have you ever thought of creating and designing your own handbag? Bespoke Italian handbag label, Alberto Sartori, will give you the opportunity to create your masterpiece from any array of hues and finishes. A unique way to mark the holy month.


MAX MARA: Max Mara are known for their minimal designs. If you flow in such style personality then this could be your option! From sophisticated elegant floral-printed maxi dresses to monochrome metallics gowns.


Shine like a star
What can be more celebratory than Ramadan to dress your best in one of the brand signature Kaftans? And here we are talking about Oscar de la renta.


SANDRO: The Italian brand, Sandro, has created a capsule collection exclusively for the Middle East. The collection merged both tradition and glamour.


Ted Baker for the Middle East
For the first time, Ted baker has launched a collection entirely exclusive to the Middle East. We call it the seven piece collection which consists of elegant evening gowns detailed with prints of the season, all of which have been inspired by hand-picked flowers and 70s patterns. Must-have pieces for the Holy month.


Final essential must have: A positive attitude
We all agree on how our Image is important and the first impression we portray to others counts and plays a major role in our daily social life, but also having a humble and positive attitude is the most beautiful component you can add to your wardrobe. It is the best accessory and the number one attribute to any outfit. Stay beautiful, stay fashionable and stay positive! Ramadan Kareem.

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