My First Baby Shower

My First Baby Shower
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Being a mother is a joyous thing. When you are expecting for the first time, you experience a special tingling feeling. An overwhelming sense of motherhood takes over with a rush of anxiety, joy and a long list of things to do that just keeps getting longer. This can lead to confusion, despite the offer of help from your spouse, friends or family. But don’t be afraid to accept those offers of help and assistance. It’s not that you can’t handle it alone, but sharing some of the responsibilities of motherhood with people who love and support you can transform this phase in your life to a much happier and manageable one. My advice is to accept the help and take as much advice from your mother as you can, even though sometimes it may seem too much information in a short space of time. Don’t worry, it happens to us all but we learn plenty more when the baby arrives and we take it a day at a time.

I remember my visit to my obstetrician when I was expecting my first child. Soon after the routine examination of my fourth month, I asked him candidly if it was a good time to tell the world I was pregnant and prepare for a baby shower for my little Amber. He smiled with surprise and suggested that first, I should shop for her nursery. I told him I’d already taken care of that two months previously. He then smiled again, but this time with relief knowing how new mothers are often anxious and over-prepared. He then gladly nodded his head. Yes, it is time!

For me, that was the news I had been waiting for and anticipating since I found out I was pregnant. So, with a notepad in hand, I said my goodbyes and immediately started writing all sorts of things to buy, friends and family to invite, colour palettes to choose from, a theme, a venue… and the list went on. So much so, my head became heavy with dread. I was seriously worried. A second later my mobile rang. It was my sister. I told her that I as ok, the baby was fine and that I needed to arrange baby shower. “Don’t you know that’s what sisters are for?” she asked. With those words, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. “Thank you,” I said, “I love you.”

Two weeks later I received a message from my sister asking me to meet her at a hotel for dinner – my favourite hotel! I didn’t think much of it as I made my way to meet her at 7pm but just as I stepped out of the lift to see my sister, lo and behold, I was surrounded by everyone! By everyone, I mean friends from college, mates from school, my work colleagues and my entire family. What a pleasant surprise! It was simply perfect. Pink and yellow colours were splashed everywhere with a unicorn rainbow theme that glittered the eyes. There were canapés that made your mouth water.

I felt truly loved and that I had everything I needed at that moment and so much more.

I will always appreciate what my sister did for me that day with the help of all my friends, my mom and all the people I love. This event made me realise that life is so much sweeter, better and much more bearable if shared with all the people who love and care for you.

I wish you all, especially the new moms, all the happiness you deserve, shared with all the people that love and care for you unconditionally.

Stay happy, safe and fashionable my beautiful new mothers-to-be.

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