//Othman Qalfas//

Happy Ramadan to everyone and an early Eid Mubarak which is ahead. Ramadan is a family month, we gather for Futoor and Suhoor with the whole family. In Kuwait people don’t go the cinema in Ramadan and the cinemas close during the last 10 days of Ramadan. We usually watch the Arabian Series that are telecasted during this month. But for the love of the family I decided to give you a list of my all time favourite Disney animation movies prior to the year 2000. I hope you love them too and enjoy watching them again.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937).
We will start with this animation movie which is the oldest in the list but people still watch it with their children and I personally saw it more than dozen times. It’s about Snow White the prettiest girl whom runaway from her mother in law to meet the seven dwarves that help her. A great movie with great vales.

Cinderella (1955).
One of the most successful animated movies produced by Disney. It’s about Cinderella the nice and lovely girl facing her mother in-law and her two annoying sisters. But the movie show you how being nice always wins in the end. Patience and Good moral is what you will get after watching this movie.

101 Dalmatians (1961).
An animated movie about dogs, but in the same time it presented one of the famous villains of Disney movies “Cruella De Vil”. She is a wealthy woman and obsessed with fashion and trends. Until she decides to make her a coat from Dalmatian dogs hair and then she faces the problems. There is also a movie for this animation with the same story line. So you can choose which one you like.

The Little Mermaid (1989).
This movie is one of my favorite movies and I had it as a VHS tape long time ago but for the readers you can watch it online or on a CD. A lot of memorable songs that will make you play it all day long mixed with a fantastic story. It’s about a mermaid who wants to live among humans, fascinated about their lives and wants to walk like them. Also a great values will be delivered to the audience.

Beauty and the Beast (1991).
I personally like the beast himself. He was a human long ago and he can get back if he found real love before the flower dies. One of the romantic animation movies through the time. If you had the chance to watch it then I’m sure that you love it, but if you did’t watch it yet, (You Must). It has a realistic movie based on the animation.

Aladdin (1992).
Another romantic movie from Disney. Full of lots of hit songs that will stick with you forever. The movie is about Aladdin the poor guy who is a thief in Arabia. With the help of the Gene and the three wishes he gets better life and meets his love Princess Jasmine. Also because this animation was successful, Disney produced a movie based on the Story with “Will Smith” Starring the Gene instead of the deceased “Robin Williams”.

The Lion King (1994).
One of the heart breaking animation of all time. Losing your father and losing your family members. Wanting to be grown up quickly and feeling powerful. What I like about Disney movies is that they focus on values and morals that will be delivered to the children and stick with them. Must watch animation or the new produced realistic movie.

Toy Story (1995).
A successful franchise with four movies starting from 1995 until the last part in 2019. Starring “Tom Hanks” as Woody and “Tim Allen” as Buzz Lightyear. They are both toys belong to Andy the child who owns them. A lot of Adventures turning them from enemies to being best friends. Learn friendship Values through the four movies.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996).
This Movie will be the last in my list and I mentioned it because I personally watched this movie in the Cinema. I even loved to visit the Notre Dame from this animation. It’s a well written movie that will make you anxious and keep you on your toes. I will tell you that this movie has split opinions regarding liking or hating it.

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