Maserati GranTurismo Sport

Maserati GranTurismo Sport
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An Exciting Update on a Favourite:



Since its debut, the Maserati GranTurismo has been a car that knows how to turn heads. A statement car if you like, it’s a great vehicle of choice for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Having been through several revisions, we had the pleasure of taking the updated GranTurismo Sport out for a spin. The Italian sports tourer still knows how to roar into life and definitely made us feel like a million dollars as we took to the roads of Kuwait. Joined by Hamad, our Head of Photography, and Shumokh, from our fashion department, we took the GranTurismo Sport to the Gulf Road for some motoring fun and stunning shots.

Stunning profile and head-turning exterior
There’s something undeniably seductive about the colour red, and we were in love the very second we laid our eyes on the stunning ride. It’s hard not to want to run your hands all over the sleek surface and Shumokh certainly loved posing next to such a glorious motor!

The redesigned front bumper, air vents, and grill not only look sharper but they also reduce the amount of drag as you drive. With a more defined front, I felt like this is definitely a car that means business!

GranTurismo aficionados will also notice that the headlights have been changed from previous models. The gorgeous car simply exudes charisma and class, and the distinctive trident logo screams exclusive luxury.

We couldn’t wait to discover the revamped insides and take it out for a spin.

Lavish interiors with convenient features
Opening the door we took a moment to feast our eyes on all the splendour that the famous Italian car manufacturer is known for … a luxurious leather dash, complete with beautiful stitching.

Headrests embossed with the exclusive Maserati logo. Sumptuous leather seating in the front and rear. Timeless elegance. Pure perfection.

The typical Maserati clock has a cool smaller second dial and the usual blue and aluminium details, further reminding you of the car’s exclusivity and class.

After appreciating that the GranTurismo Sport is as beautiful and sophisticated on the inside as it is on the outside, it was time to slide into the inviting seats and discover more …

We were impressed with the amount of leg room in the front. There may not be so much room in the rear, but it’s still spacious enough for younger members of the family. The front seats effortlessly glide to allow access to the back seats then slide back into place with minimal effort.

Each seat has its own individual air-conditioning vent and cup holder and we all agreed that the front and rear USB points are a welcome modern addition.

When it comes to the tech stuff, we especially love the user-friendly eight-plus inch interface, a huge improvement on previous models. While there’s a control wheel next to the transmission stick, the touch-screen controls make navigating your way through the menu seamless.

You’ll find both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard and, as with all Maserati models, the GranTurismo Sport boasts a state-of-the-art booming 10-speaker Harman / Kardon audio system.

We effortlessly connected a phone to listen to a perfect playlist for cruising the roads in a motoring marvel, getting fully into the test-drive spirit and building the anticipation of a drive in such a luxurious vehicle.

Although we debated whether they were entirely necessary, there are buttons for adjusting the climate control on the front panel and volume controls on the rear of the easy-to-grip steering wheel.

At least all preferences are accounted for and careful thought has gone into the car’s features and comfort levels.

A thrilling drive
When it comes to the details, the car is rear-wheel drive and has a ZF six-speed automatic gearbox (a change from the hybrid half-auto, half-manual gearboxes in previous models).

After sliding the key into the ignition—yes, that’s right, there’s no start button—we were excited to hear the car spring to life. Push the sport button and rev the engine to really hear the car roar like the magnificent beast that it is. Want a quieter ride? Switch back into normal mode. We had fun alternating between the driving modes and really playing with the GranTurismo Sport to assess its awesome capabilities.

With a 4.7-litre V-8 engine that produces an impressive 454 horsepower, the GranTurismo Sport can leap from zero to 60mph in under five seconds, all while making a sound you’ll want to hear over and over again. Although we didn’t push the car as hard as we could have done (we didn’t want to fall foul of the law!), Maserati says that it can reach a maximum speed of 185mph.

Exhilaratingly, the speedometer rapidly increased with minimal pressure on the accelerator. Conveniently, there’s both a traditional needle gauge and a computer display, both excitingly showing how fast you are travelling.

The power delivery is smooth, with little kick back as you sail along the roads.

With music filling the air through the ten speakers complementing the alternating roar and purr of the engine, we took the GranTurismo Sport on a long drive to the Al Kout Mall

The excellent climate control worked well in Kuwait’s heat, keeping us all fresh and comfortable … despite the inner electricity generated from our intense ride! You’ll definitely have no problems feeling cool, in all senses of the word, when you slip behind the wheel of the GranTurismo Sport.

It’s pleasantly easy to drive, with great balance, great manoeuvrability, and a smooth power delivery. There’s a safe understeer, which is ideal when cruising Kuwait’s roads, and the car is incredibly easy to manage even on twists and turns.

You might need to brake harder than other sports cars, but it’s quick and easy to get used to. We also found the steering a little on the heavy side, but nothing that could make us fall out of love.

To really make the most of the experience (and, because we just couldn’t bear to say goodbye too soon!), we went out in the Gran Turismo Sport again during the evening. The interiors are well lit to make driving in the dark safe and convenient, and the headlights provide ample lighting on the roads. No worries at all about not seeing curves and bumps till the last minute.

We noticed a few curious glances as we zoomed along and couldn’t help but feel slightly smug at riding in such a marvellous car. It would definitely be the perfect car to arrive at a special event for maximum impact and a grand entrance.

With the right balance between feeling safe and in control with bursts of adrenaline and excitement, this is a car that really makes you feel free on the open road.

A family-friendly luxury car
With four full seats, the GranTurismo Sport truly is a grand tourer. While two adults might find the rear to be a bit of a squeeze, it’s perfectly proportioned for two children. Pop the armrest down to give each child their own space and strap baby seats in securely thanks to the incorporated anchor points. The boot is on the small side, but should still be able to fit in everything you need for a day out. In our opinion, it would make an excellent everyday car as well as being a statement vehicle that catches eyes and makes heads turn.

Our verdict
We all thoroughly loved our GranTurismo Sport experience and wouldn’t hesitate to jump behind the wheel again!
The upgraded interiors and streamlined attractive form cannot help but impress. The GranTurismo Sport still has the same wow factor we’ve come to expect from the luxury Italian brand.


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