Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is a coastal city in southern Sweden. It lies at the eastern end of the striking Oresund Bridge, a long road and railway bridge-tunnel running to Copenhagen, Denmark. In the city center, Lilla Torg is a cobblestone square with cafes, half-timbered houses and shops selling local handicrafts. Malmö Castle, a 16th-century fortress built by King Christian III of Denmark, houses nature, history and art exhibits.



Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmö
Set in the vibrant business district, this modern upscale hotel is an 8-minute walk from Malmö Central train station and 2.6 km from the landmark Turning Torso skyscraper.

Elite Plaza Hotel
This elegant hotel is an 11-minute walk from Malmö C train station and a 14-minute walk from Malmö Castle.

Scandic Triangle
Located in the city’s bustling center, this snazzy, glass-front hotel is a 3 minutes’ walk from the nearest bus stop, 2.4 km from Malmö Castle, built circa 1530, and 3 km from the iconic twisted skyscraper, Turning Torso.

Mayfair Hotel Tunneln
Set in a late-Gothic building that was once the Malmö governor’s residence, this stately hotel is 2 km from the Turning Torso skyscraper, 1 km from Malmö Castle and a 4-minute walk from trains at Malmö Centralstation.


The Knotted Gun
is a bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd of an oversized Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with a knotted barrel and the muzzle pointing upwards. Reuterswärd made this sculpture after singer-songwriter and peace activist John Lennon was murdered.

Malmo Konstmuseum
Founded in 1841, the Malmö Art Museum is one of the leading art museums in Scandinavia. The museum building, built in 1937, is located in the Malmö Castle complex in Malmö, Scania, in southern Sweden. The museum is governed by the City of Malmö.

Form Design Center
Museum featuring rotating exhibits related to modern design, patterns & architecture, plus a cafe.

HSB Turning Torso
Turning Torso is a neo-futurist residential skyscraper in Sweden and the tallest building in Scandinavia. Located in Malmö on the Swedish side of the Öresund strait, it was built and is owned by Swedish cooperative association HSB. It is regarded as the first twisted skyscraper in the world.



Bullen Två Krögare

Bloom in the Park



Surf Shack Malmö



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