Makeover with Carla & Marie

Makeover with Carla & Marie
July is the start of the summer holidays. People go to the beach, to the mountains or to a city to discover new horizons. Everyone takes time off to unwind and spend some precious time with friends and family. We have also taken some time off work and gone back to our respective home towns in Spain and France. Therefore, this month’s makeover section has been written within the heart of Europe. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do creating it every month for you. With no further delay, let us introduce you to our special makeover lady!

Neeral, please introduce yourself to our readers:
Hello, I’m Neeral, a 30 year old Canadian Kindergarten teacher living in Dubai.

What made you feel you needed the help of Carla & Marie and what do you expect from this experience?
As a petite woman, I felt I could never find clothes that fit. Also, I struggle with looking like one of my students! On many occasions I feel like Goldilocks, attempting to find the right outfit but nothing ever works. Everything is too big, too loose, too long or too baggy. Nothing fits just right. It’s always been a shopping struggle. Sometimes, I even have to shop in the child section -how shameful is that?! I’m a 30 year old woman with a successful career – I need help to look the part!
I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping Carla and Marie can sparkle their magic on me and make me look more my age, despite my size.

Now, let the makeover begin!

We must admit we instantly fell in love with the positive and fun vibe of Neeral. She is a beautiful woman with gorgeous hair, skin tone and a slim body. However, as she mentioned in her intro, she feels being petite is a struggle. We are going to show Neeral (and all of you) how understanding your body proportions and how to shop for the right garments can make you proud of having a petite figure. We must love our bodies no matter our shape or size. There are always ways to enhance our best features and ways to camouflage those we love less. Let’s start by embracing our bodies and focusing on our beautiful features. We all have them, we just need to notice them!


This is the first step when analysing the image of any client. The initial question that pops to mind when it comes to colour is are you warm or cool? You may be wondering which of these two colour temperatures or colour palettes looks better on you. Well, the easiest way to find out is with warm and cool fabrics near your face, wearing no makeup and pulling your hair to the back. If we look at our client Neeral’s colour analysis images, we can see that warm colours such as brown, orange, yellow or beige, highlights dark circles and makes our client’s face look pale. This clearly shows that Neeral is definitely not warm, so she should stay away from those colours when shopping for clothing, especially near her face. On the other hand, she comes alive when we test the cool palette on her. Neeral’s face looks radiant, even with no makeup, and any dark circles, which were more obvious with warm colours, are almost unnoticeable when having cool colours around her complexion. Therefore, we determine cool colours are the winners for our lovely Neeral.



Have you ever wondered which metal is the most flattering for you? Wouldn’t it be amazing knowing whether silver or gold accessories suit you best? The easiest way to do this at home is by taking a gold and a silver piece of jewellery, placing it near your face and observing how your complexion reacts to it. Ask yourself which of the two metals brings light and freshness to your face, which blends in with your undertone best, is it gold or silver?
If we look at Neeral Silver vs. Gold analysis, we see that the silver fabric lightens up her face, she looks young and fresh, whereas the golden one ages her and looks old fashioned on her.


Moving on to a favourite section of many ladies, hair and makeup! A look is never complete without hair and makeup; it can make or break a look.
Neeral came with natural, never coloured, black hair. In other words ‘virgin’ hair. Whilst it is amazing to keep your hair natural and free of hair colouring products, it is also important to understand your features and discover whether a different hair style or colour could bring a different type of beauty that you had hidden all these years. Following the results of Neeral’s colour analysis we now know she is cool and this result applies not only to clothing but also to her choices of hair and makeup.
As you can see in her hair transformation image, the professionals at Maison de Joelle understood exactly what we had in mind. In fact, they exceeded our expectations as it was a challenge to highlight such a dark hair colour into the lightest platinum. Bravo Maison De Joelle!

We feel Neeral now looks sophisticated and modern thanks to the silver platinum highlights and the trendy haircut. Both elements add volume and movement to her upper body. She looks radiant, stylish and most importantly, she loves it! We couldn’t be happier.
With regards to makeup, we went for shades of dark pink for lips and blush as it is the perfect cool shade for her complexion, in line with her skin tone. The black eyeliner and natural eyeshadows give her a slight retro look while the white kohl in the waterline adds brightness to her gorgeous eyes.


How would you feel if all the clothes available in the store were too big for you? Many people want to look slimmer but let’s look at the opposite side of the spectrum. Imagine you felt too small, too slim and on top of that, imagine if the clothes available in the market couldn’t do you justice because they were all too big for you. Well, this is one of the struggles many petite people face and our client Neeral is one of them. Before diving into the details of petite bodies and how to shop for them, we would like to make a statement we really believe in.
‘We all have different body shapes and proportions. Some of us are small, some medium or large, others are very tall or very short. We could go on and on, there will always be a different feature that makes a person stand out from the crowd. The bottom line is, we are all unique in our appearance regardless of our size and shape. So let’s start by understanding our bodies and how to shop to highlight our best features. Whether it’s the colour of your eyes, a slim waist, a gorgeous curvy body, a long neck, or even a petite body, they can all be a blessing. Love yourself, be proud of your uniqueness and be happy’.
Going back to our client Neeral, let’s begin by analysing her body figure and proportions. Neeral has a rectangular body shape which means her shoulders, waist and hips measure pretty much the same. In terms of proportions, Neeral is petite in size. The bright side of her body shape is that she can take all sorts of volumising textures and shapes such as big prints, layers, ruffles, mix of textures, off-shoulder tops and widening cuts; anything that adds volume to her figure is a winner for Neeral. All this is music to our ears, as there are almost no restrictions when dressing our beautiful client.
When it comes to petite bodies, there are some tips we want to share with you and Neeral, which will surely help when shopping and styling your looks to suit your gorgeous petite figure.

Tips for Petites:

  • Explore different textures and prints, which can be as big as you like. The bigger the print, the more volume it will create to your body.
  • Horizontal stripes will create the illusion of a wider body. On the up side, stripes are on trend and they are so stylish for the summer.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to check out the kids section. Nowadays kids brands do incredible modern and stylish pieces and their biggest size might fit you just perfect!
  • Use layers to define your shape, it’s a great way to hide a perhaps unfitted top and it also adds style to your look. What else can we ask for?
  • Do small alterations to your clothing that don’t fit right, like slimming sleeves or raising the neckline. Find a tailor that won’t cost you a fortune or DIY if you are the handy type. For investment pieces, use a good tailor to make the alterations, as you will use those pieces year after year and it will be worth the money spent to make them look perfect on you.
  • Cuff/fold long sleeve shirts at elbow level to emphasise your shape and make it appear more fitted to your size. The same applies to your long jeans, cuff them at the hem, it will add style to your look.
  • Search for brands that have petite lines like ASOS, Topshop, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Anthropologie, The Little Bra (for bras), Pretty Small (for shoes).
  • A little advice from us: Don’t obsess over clothes that make you look taller or bigger, the key is to embrace your body, find pieces you love that look great on you based on the above tips and feel confident. Above all, love yourself the way you are!


This makeover was beyond fabulous! Carla and Marie were like Fairy Godmothers who sprinkled their fairy dust and transformed me into a beauty. They taught me how to layer my clothes and where to accentuate my best features. We also talked about what colour best suits me. I found out I’m a ‘cool winter’ that works best with silver. They even gave me highlights which I have never done before. Thank you Fairy Godmothers, I’m now about to walk in stores with a little more bounce and confidence in myself. Thank you!

What do you think about Neeral’s makeover outfit? We decided to go for a rock star look with a touch of femininity, which is just perfect for Neeral’s outgoing and fun personality. Looking at the individual pieces, the boyfriend jeans add volume to her figure and by cuffing the bottom of the jeans, the garment looks instantly fitted and stylish. The top with floral prints and bow adds a romantic touch and also complements her really well in terms of colour palette, drawing the attention to her face and upper body. Also, by adding a leather jacket as a layer we instantly add some volume to her gorgeous figure, giving the illusion of a fuller upper body. To conclude, let’s not forget the sunglasses strategically placed on the pocket of the jacket or the belt to accentuate her waist. Details are very important to transform a good look into a killer look! We hope you enjoyed this month’s makeover.

Photography: Vania Attieh (
Hair & Makeup: Maison de Joelle
Neeral’s outfit: The Kooples
Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: The Kooples
Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)
Location: Jumeirah Islands



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