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by: Yasmeen Bahman

Everyone wishes for a nicer world where Earth is filled with beauty within.

This is not the best world but it is the best way to get to the best world. People wait for somebody to act or make a change. But you are that somebody, so be the change.
For someone to know, it means they are able to act and it moves you to do something about it.

If we start with our community, we firstly have to consider the divinely inspired purpose of Islam. The word Islam means ‘making peace’ which yields a just worldly order.
Society taught us what is approved or rejected is decided by society. The individual view explains that when someone decides to value something it is basically because it is beneficial to oneself. But God created everything, including freewill. When it is abused humans do wrongful acts because they are corrupted.

People are only striving for wealth, power and control. No person is perfect yet everyone wants to grow. So they must want the will to change. There are still many who live with the principle of doing good and being kind, other than the fact that we do good because it is the right thing to do. A selfless act teaches us patience, trust and self-sacrifice which has great value and gives joy.

People become miserable from pointless things in their lives, such as waiting in line or a car curving in front of them, and they don’t take a moment to acknowledge the real problems of life; countries are going through war, people are losing their homes and children are starving to death. If everyone took a moment during a situation where they felt their lives were a mess, to re-evaluate their lives compared to those who are less fortunate, they would appreciate what they have and change their perceptions about the world.

Progress can’t happen unless you start with yourself. When you have gained inner peace and have reached contentment then you can take the next step into making the world a better place. People get caught up with this busy world and don’t stop and take time to appreciate its beauty; a child discovering his shadow, the accomplishment of gaining a degree, a family dinner, an elderly couple’s stroll in the park. All these things, if paid close attention to, will have an impact on one’s attitude and will help the person give back to the world even in the slightest way. For example, a smile to greet people, sincere and productive advice, lending a hand to make somebody’s job easier or a protest for a good cause.

Gandhi was a vegetarian and fell sick one day. His doctor prescribed him to have chicken broth but he refused for he would never eat another living being. Instead, he made his own plant remedy. People followed his beliefs and slaughter houses were – and are still – banned in some cities in India. His act resulted in what he wanted to see in the world and soon after used his power to free an entire country with his peaceful movement. Mahatma Gandhi taught us to never underestimate how, even with a small personal contribution, you can change the world.


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