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//Nadia AlHaroon//

When presented with certain situations in life, we can tend to get highly emotional and not understanding the reason why. Although when we start to understand what makes us react to certain things in life in particular ways, then we are able to tackle the problem. It is so important for each and every one of us to understand the depths of our mind, even though science still does not fully understand it and consider our minds one of the greatest mysteries known to man.

As humans do, we tend to overcomplicate things or sometimes work in “auto-pilot” not even realizing our behaviors towards situations and life in general and justifying our over-reactions. What if I told you that in the majority of cases, it comes down to one thing in particular? And knowing this one thing, can help you take control of your life and see your life change right before your own eyes. I will also share a few different stories that clients have allowed me to share in order to see which resonates with you.

A lot of our over reactions and emotional responses come down to control. Whether you want to say it is not getting the desired outcome out of a scenario, or things didn’t go your way, or losing control of the steering wheel, it again all comes down to control. Below are two stories with clients that brought them to a lot of awareness about themselves and this awareness has helped them to become more mindful and now do not give heavily emotional reactions to what they deal with.


Anna was physically abused as a child and as an adult this has affected her tremendously where she has sleepless nights and it has made her feel unworthy of love. When I asked her about her relationship now with her mother, she said it is OK but she still holds this resentment. I then broke it down to her. Any child feels the need to be loved and protected as children. It is a time of vulnerability and a time we entrust the adults in our life to provide us with the basics. It is undeniable that this is every child’s right. She came to her own conclusion through several sessions with me that the current resentment is because she did not have her basics rights met as a child. She did not have control over what a child deserves. She was able to heal by realizing that what she has control over is her life now and that her past does not define who she is today. She was able to observe the situation for what it is and let go. Letting go is extremely important for healing and to ensure it doesn’t affect your present moment or future.

(names have been changed for the privacy of my clients)

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