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//Words: José Berrocoso//

“It’s all about PASSION. I love to create, invent and constantly renew myself”

Her unique style, creating strong visual messages about what femininity looks like for the modern woman, have become Laura Deleuze as one of the most requested graphic designer and illustrator from brands and companies worldwide.

Based in Toulouse, France, where she studied Graphic Arts and Visual Communication at École de Condé – Axe Sud, she has always been inspired by curves and vibrant colours. And this is what you can see in her work: a defined aesthetic within a women world. It’s all roundness and feminity. Laura likes to depict women and female forms.

Laura’s approach to design was multidisciplinary. Creatively speaking, music, cinema, fashion, nature or love are a big influence for this talented artist with a strong eye for detail that perfectly manages the clear art direction from a client and her own creative freedom.

She had recently worked for a leading printing company in Califormia, creating cards unther the theme “I miss you” as part of a love campaign during the lockdown. She is very happy about her latest collaboration with LÉGER, a Hong-Kong based start-up. Together they developed illustrations for yoga mats made by recicled plastic bottles. One of those projects that are truly unforgettable for every artist, combining creativity and sustainability.

Her next challenge: the Middle East. A region that intrigues her a lot. She loves the colours associated to the arabic world, warm and harmonious. She is currently learning more about the Middle Eastern graphic design and the culture in general. Hope we can see some new pieces inspired by the region soon. Inshallah.


Spring (2020)
A tribute to the arrival of Spring.

International Women’s Rights Day (2020)
Representation of different and complementary women. Sisterhood and solidarity are the watchwords of this illustration.

Lookdown activities (2020)
Personal series of illustrations made during the quarantine and inspired by the confinement’s activities.

Strawberries passion (2020)
The piece blendes the two passion of the artist: strawberries and woman with big curves, big arms and big hands.

Exoticism (2020)
Reinterpretation. Part of the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge by Clémence Gouy.

Sunflowers (2020)
Reinterpretation. Part of the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge by Lila Lefranc.

Les Échos (2020)
Reinterpretation of Les Échos Journal logo according to the daily news. Laura’s version was inspired by the lockdown activities at home.

#Jolimai (2020)
One word and one illustration a day. A social media excercise to explore new ways of illustrating and new textures.

Jaune – Yellow
Nager – Swim
Jardin – Garden
Arbre – Tree

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