Lamya Al-Anbaie

Lamya Al-Anbaie


Lamya Al-Anbaie is the first personal beauty advisor from Kuwait and the Middle-East. She launched her business four years ago and is helping people find the best solution to enhance their beauty. Despite her busy schedule at work, she makes sure to spend time with family and often takes short breaks from work to vacation with family.
We met Lamya to understand more about her unique service and her busy and what gives her satisfaction.
Read throug our exclusive interview with Lamya.

Hi, first of all, please introduce us to Lamya Al-Anbaie – the image consultant and the person?
Lamya Al-Anbaie is a 39 years old Kuwaiti woman and the owner of the B-talk Artistic Beauty consultations and a personal beauty advisor.

Tell us about your education?
My complete studies was from schools of Kuwait and I graduated with bachelors degree in media, radio and television from Kuwait University with a second major in General Management.

How did you develop the interest for beauty?
I think beauty found me in every way. It started since I was a child. My parents noticed my interest in art in all its kinds.
I loved working with my hands starting with painting and ending with sculpturing with clay. Because I am a diabetic patient I was always going to dermatology clinics to solve my skin problems and with the entry of fillers in Kuwait, I developed my interest in beauty because the way fillers sculpted the face reminded me of my love and passion in sculpting .

What special training did you have to undergo before starting a career as Beauty Advisor?
I got many certificates from the doctors I worked with in my 15 years career in the beauty field. Also, I believe in self–development. I have continuous interest in studying body language and facial expressions along with many other beauty related educational courses.

What is the meaning of Personal Beauty Advisor?
The personal Beauty Advisor is an expert that has experience in the field of cosmetology which helps clients find the right solutions for their cosmetic problems.

When did you launch your official business (The B-talk)?
The B-talk was lunched before 4 years.

What challenges you had to face initially and how did you overcome them?
One of the main challenges was gaining the clients trust and convincing them with their customized cosmetic plan that will enhance their beauty. People are always afraid from change even if it’s the best for them. I overcome this challenge with one thing, which is honesty and credibility. With all the good feedback from clients today people do trust the B-talk company.

Can you briefly explain your process with a client?
The process is simple. First we have a primary consultation at the office to determine the clients personal goals. Helping them to understand their own facial structure and set a suitable cosmetic plan for them.
The second visit for the client will be at the doctor’s clinic where the plan becomes a reality with my guidance and doctor’s help the plan is implemented. Once the cosmetic procedure is done the client gets a last follow up appointment to ensure that all our goals are achieved.

Do you collaborate with beauty clinics and beauty salons?
Yes, there is collaboration with several clinics to get the best quality and discounts for my client and secure the availability of appointments without having to be listed on a waiting list.

What makes your service unique?
What makes my service unique is that actually we are the one and only Beauty Advisory service in Kuwait and the Middle-East. We provide the clients with guidance on how to approach their cosmetic procedures by making sure they only deal with the right professionals and certified clinics.

How many sessions are typically required for a client with you to get the final results?
From one to two visits only. In very rare cases some clients like to do the plan in several stages.

What was your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement is when I handle the severe cases that needs help the most. The happiness in their eyes after they look into the mirror immediately after the cosmetic procedure makes my day.

Could you please describe your typical day?
My day starts early in the morning with my beloved family. Then I go to the clinic and office for my clients and return back home at night.

What is your own beauty regime?
My beauty regime is always done at the clinic through some private sessions that I have approved and seen great result from for several years.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date with the latest beauty trends?
My inspiration comes from the elderly women who invest in their beauty and are always keen to have a healthy and fit body and an enhanced face despite their age.

How do you detox and refresh from work?
I detox from work by having a short vacation with my family from time to time.

What is your motto in life?
“what goes around comes around.”

What are some of your hobbies?
Painting, clay sculpting, crafts, writing and photography.

Your message for us at CP magazine.
I hope one day my message will reach most people which is my belief that every person is beautiful in their own unique way and that the cosmetic beauty plan will help highlight that beauty in people in better way. People should feel better both from the inside and outside.

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