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By: Nilli

Don’t we all (especially the ladies) wish that time stood still when the clock struck 30? I know I did and I’m not ashamed to say my true age. Many glorious days of happiness and bliss mixed with trial and error, until practice made perfect. Later, add loads of great memories with a sprinkle of pixie dust on all those enchanting years. I loved every minute of it – and that is my true age, darlings!

The way I see it, my life has just begun! Because now I can simply say I’m done with all the repetitive mistakes, blunders and solecism – all that ‘OMG!’ And since we live and learn, it’s high time for us to move on to the next best thing with a much resolved and leveled mindset. Don’t you agree?

Age is in the heart. How many of us have heard that saying and never given it a moment’s thought? When we are young we carry with us, at all times, the arrogance of youth. If you are blessed or one of the lucky few, you may get to keep that youth for longer until you grow older and lose that confidence.


Times have changed, especially for us ladies. We tend to feel more empowered on a daily basis and I must say, God bless all those women’s leagues, socialites and institutions for equal rights movements and gender equality affirmations. They made all these gifts of freedom available for our use (as well as, unfortunately, some abuse). I will not deny that brains, power and beauty are intimidating to most men and your evil X-BFF, but still it is so attractive. These three combined exude and radiate beauty and confidence so a huge thank you to that college we graduated from with honors. A big thank you also to our local clinics that give us a boost of youth when we need it in the form of fillers, radical facials and our old time favourite, Botox. This needle is a life saver for many – and I mean many women from the tender age of 20! This injection has switched gears from epidemic to pandemic since it was first used in 1977 to treat a certain eye condition. Can you believe that? Incredible! And now it has evolved to promote ever-lasting youth and beauty.

We have to admit, however, that this needle can do very little when we ladies (and sometimes gents) don’t have the heart to follow through with the complete stages of the treatment. Because we stop looking for the fountain of youth in a few droplets found in those injections. I am definitely not saying that they don’t help, but try adding a positive mindset and contented lifestyle and mix them up with some Botox and a regular facial – then you can go a long way to feeling and living young forever!

So next time you are in the clinic for your monthly dose of youth, remember that the science of youth can be bought but doesn’t last – unlike the science of happy and content that all of us have but rarely use. And that, my darlings, is the true fountain of youth and beauty that can last forever!
Until next time my youthful darlings, stay safe and fashionable.

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