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Award winning author, Jim West, spends time with our editor to answer some questions about his latest novel, ECHO. Jim is the author of the Magicae Mathematica series of fantasy books for young readers which promotes the STEM subjects. Jim’s books are sold in over 70 countries around the world, and he joins us to answer some questions this month.

Tell us about this new book you have. This is a romance novel?
Yes. ECHO is my first romance novel that is set in the mid 90’s. In fact the music of that era pays a major role in the story as it is set weeks before Kurt Cobain’s death.

Romance means many things to different people. What does romance mean to you and what is the style of romance in this book?
I believe in all aspects of love from infatuation to unconditional. Romance is the actions of love. The things we do for love and because of it. As for the style of romance in this book, it is more like something you would see in the cinema or on a TV romantic movie. It is not the risqué style of romance which most people tend to think about.

You mentioned the cinema? Is the story a kind that could be a film in the cinema?
Definitely. I wrote the story and characters with the mindset of it being a film.

The cover has the name Melissa Riggio. Did she also write this book?
Yes. Melissa Riggio is my co-author. The story and characters are my creation, and she helped write the book in regard to the romantic scenes and dialogue.

Interesting. How was the experience in writing this with another author like? I can imagine it could be difficult.
Not at all. It was a joy to work with Melissa, and so easy to collaborate on the work.

Wonderful. Tell us a bit about what the story is in ECHO.
ECHO is about a man who has been separated for years form his wife and finally getting a divorce. He has a accident at work which leaves him with temporary amnesia and he thinks he is five years younger than he is. The younger version of himself is a much more positive and ambitious person than the person he is. This “new” younger self wants to make his life better and then falls in love with a woman. He tries desperately to hold unto this new life and new memories all the while knowing one day it can all disappear when his memories return from the amnesia going away.

The book cover has such a beautiful sentence. “The mind may forget but the heart always remembers.” Can you elaborate on the meaning?
I feel that memories are connected with our emotions. We can remember the happiest days and our saddest moments in life easily because of this connection of emotion and memory. Yet when the mind forgets in the case of amnesia can the heart remember is the main struggle the character faces in the story.

How does that end?
(laughing) well that is where people will have to read to find out!

Of course! I was just so intrigued at your answer. So how can people find out more about this and other works by you?
People can visit my website at or find ECHO on Amazon or other online bookstores.

Thank you, Jim, for joining CP Magazine for this interview and wish you the best.
Thank you and your readers!


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