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by: Nili //

It’s so hard to keep up with the fashion trends and all those unlimited styles every season.

It seems that whatever we purchase this fall can’t be flaunted or flashed in spring. So what to do? Buy less? Or just get out of the fashion game altogether? The answer is, neither. In order for you to find the right track, it is seriously important to shop for what you need to coordinate with what you already have. But what if all I have is last season? What if there’s too much ruffled or multi-coloured to be stylish this season? Then what to do? If this is already what you are doing or feeling or going through, then maybe it is. But trust me, it’s not going to last forever!

We women (and I’m stressing on the ‘women’) tend to be hardcore shoppers. I mean that with all the respect in the world to my felines, since I am proudly one of them. We tend to shop for loads of crazy trends that do not last from one season to the next. I call that impulsive shopping. Shoppers of that calibre never think ahead. Instead, they tend to focus on the now.

Meanwhile, another group of my female friends are the cherry pickers of shoppers. This category is somewhat special. They are tenuously fussy, not to mention cautious and extremely particular. They shop rarely and are never satisfied with what is out there in the fashion market.

With the above information in mind, maybe I can help you (and myself) face this seasonal dilemma. Let’s look at the facts. We all need to shop because stylish people need a trendy attitude in attire to tell a story about who they are as individuals. Most of us have a budget to abide by and remember, you should never shop alone! Shopping is fun. But when you shop for something trendy and elegant, make sure it’s affordable.

The key to good shopping is to always select and coordinate with what you already have. I have fell for this shopping frenzy so many times, only to end up with bags of goodies that never last a season. Still, you live and learn from mistakes and move on to help others. But darlings, never make the same mistake twice otherwise you have a huge budget catastrophe on your hands.

Remember that trends come and go. They flee like the wind. Class, on the other hand, is forever. Try classy, vintage looks that are timeless.

I know it may be hard, but try not to go all shopaholic crazy and purchase those neon multi-colour stiletto heels just because your BFF bought some! Think before you pay. Also, keep in mind that time and age matter. Whether you are in your late teens or early 50s, remember the triple As – Age Appropriate Attire. Even when 40 is the new 20, age demands respect and the first respect is to choose clothes that are age appropriate.

At the end of the day, it is far better and much more satisfying to be referred to as a class-setter than a trend-setter. One of those titles will get washed away and die. The other, however, will live forever. Which one will you be?

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