INTERIOR Tips By Fatma AlSairafi

INTERIOR Tips By Fatma AlSairafi
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Fatma AlSairafi, our interior design editor, has decided to start her monthly segment in the magazine by providing some useful tips to make your home more beautiful.
She has decided to visit Ashley Furniture HomeStore to choose her favorite looks and give you some simple tips. Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the #1 furniture store brand in the world with over 550 locations and is still growing. They have a huge store in Kuwait located in AlRai area just opposite to the Avenues Mall. The showroom is spread over three floors and boasts 4500 sqm of the latest interior architectural design. Displays are exhibited in real room settings down to the smallest of details. This gives Kuwaiti shoppers a totally unique and new furniture buying experience than they’ve ever had before. The HomeStore offers furniture from Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc, the largest furniture manufacturer in the world.

Enjoy the tips from Fatma on these pages.


Mix up patterns and textures, old and new, expensive and inexpensive. First, select the wood color you intend to use and match it to your space. If you have a small sized room, then select a lighter colored wood, such as maple, pine or birch to make it looks bigger.


Paint smaller rooms in light colors to help make the room feel bigger. There’s nothing like an indoor tree to give the room a great natural feel, and make the room fresh and lively.


A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. For many people, a bedroom may be the one room in their home where they find the most comfort and privacy.


Many sleep studies show that the body wakes up feeling better when there is plenty of natural light in the room. Therefore, it’s important that you allow the light to flow into your bedroom. Rather than hanging thick drapes that completely block out the light, opt for thin and light fabric curtains instead.


The shape and size of the dining table says a lot about the homeowners’ lifestyle and entertaining preferences. A general rule in choosing the shape and size of the table is to follow the architecture of the room.


The most important factor when choosing a dining table is the size of the room. A table that is too large will make it difficult for guests to get in and out of the dining area. There should be sufficient room to pull out chairs (at least 36 inches) and move around.

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