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Harklinikken is a specialised Hair Regrowth Clinic that was founded 26 years ago in Denmark when Lars Skjoth, Founder and Head Scientist, made a revolutionary discovery that enables the successful treatment of androgenetic hair loss in both women and men.

Since then, Harklinikken’s proven results and reputation for treating hair loss effectively and affordably has led to explosive client growth. Harklinikken is currently present in 27 locations across Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Based out of Dubai, UAE, the Middle East team makes regular visits across the region – including to Kuwait, realising the need for tailored hair loss solutions on a wider scale. Through individual consultations with clients at their bi-monthly ‘pop-ups’, the hair specialists first assess the suitability of the men and women they see, explaining the importance of compliance.

The Harklinikken hair regrowth programme includes daily application of a customized Extract to the scalp and the use of specialized shampoos, conditioners, hydrating and styling products designed specifically for the treatment of thinning hair.

Since opening in 2012, Harklinikken Dubai has treated numerous clients in the region. One of these, a Middle Eastern businesswoman shares her story.

“I heard about Harklinikken through my mother and aunts who were under treatment. Having faced hair loss and thinning issues for a number of years, I came to accept it as normal, and when I was told by Harklinikken founder Lars Skjoth that it isn’t, and it’s in fact reversible, my curiosity overcame me.
My hair turned from being not only thin, but hard to manage, frizzy, and needing endless styling products to tame it – to becoming much fuller, a lot stronger, longer, visibly healthier, and with perfectly formed curls.
Seeing these results, and looking back at my ‘before’ pictures have led me to becoming up to 95% compliant, quite impressive considering that by nature I am not generally very routine-focused. When you see such results, you don’t forget where you’ve come from and this drives compliance, which obviously plays a large part in seeing results.
People struggle with hair loss for years and years – unnecessarily. I recommend Harklinikken all the time. When I see someone, even strangers, with thinning hair, I don’t hesitate to share my story; I’m proud of what I have achieved and where I am today.”


Do you have thinning hair? Follow these simple steps:

•Book an assessment with a Harklinikken hair specialist.
•If you are a candidate and you wish to start, “before” photos are taken.
•You will be given detailed instructions how to use the products.


The personalised treatment includes:

•A customised Extract, to be applied daily at home.
•Specialized shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
A hair specialist will see you for follow up visits every few months.
Initial results will be seen within 3-4 months of consistent use.

Average cost for treatment is US$ 140 each month.

To learn more about Harklinikken and the team’s next visit to Kuwait, follow @harklinikkenuae, call the team on +971 4 3855570 or WhatsApp +971 54 448 2131


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