Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Saad & Hend Alawadhi

Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Saad & Hend Alawadhi
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Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Saad describes himself as energetic and disciplined, ideal traits for a man committed to supporting and improving people to their highest potential. A strategic thinker with a creative touch, Hamad is Health Coach at Nature’s Market, a health food store making healthy eating as easy and convenient as possible.

Hend Alawadhi’s roles include that of aircraft engineer, blogger, influencer and salon manager, not forgetting her role as a wife. Thankfully, she knows never to take frustration, stress or disappointment from one area of life to another.


Please tell us about your academic backgrounds:
Hamad: I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in General Management. I hold a diploma in food psychology, health coaching and sport nutrition.
Hend: An aircraft engineer holding EASA-part 66 both B1 & B2 license. Type rated on Embraer 170 & 190, A320 Family, A330.

How and where did the two of you meet?
Hamad: Through a mutual friend in Bahrain.
Hend: Through my best friend’s sister in Bahrain.

As a professional, what are the qualities you admire in your spouse?
Hamad: Ambitious, determined, hardworking, confidence, leadership, good at managing a work-life balance alongside being a part time entrepreneur, plus her extraordinary unique sense of style.
Hend: Maturity. I admire how understanding he is to my career responsibilities, supporting and encouraging me to continue to do better even if it sometimes gets in the way of our personal goals. Which takes me to his flexibility and openness to new ideas. Not forgetting the most important qualities for the success of any relationship: honesty, respect, determination to always do his best for himself and for us.

Where do you concur and where do you differ from each other?
Hamad: She’s the responsible, feet-on-the-ground kind of woman while I am a wild spirit, risk-taker kind of man. She is a very logical thinker and uses her mind when it comes to decision making, whereas I am a very follow-your-heart, gut-feeling believer.
Hend: We concur our biggest dreams and vision for both wanting the other person to be the best version of themselves. We differ in the way we support each other and evaluate situations.

Do you think being friends with your spouse is an important part of marriage?
Hamad: Definitely. We don’t believe in traditional marriage titling, we believe in a partnership and support system kind of relationship. We are each other’s best friend as well. She’s my ‘ride or die.’
Hend: It’s the most important asset for a successful marriage, to be able to talk to your spouse about everything and anything and to have fun together.

How do you handle a work-life balance and challenges in a dynamic work environment?
Hamad: Time management and prioritizing is key. Once we segregate and delegate the things we have between each other we cultivate a healthy work-life balance. This has been the case even when it gets hard because we manage to use positive stress to our advantage.
Hend: The ability to separate work from other aspects in life is the key for a balanced life. Never take any frustration, stress and disappointment from one area of life to another.

When do you spend time with each other? How do you unwind?
Hamad: We go to all events/celebrations together. We dedicate special occasions/date nights as well. The most common way for us to unwind is to travel. That’s when we are at the peak of our connection with each other away from any stressors.
Hend: I try to get involved as much as I can with what he is doing, to be around giving love and support, but from time to time we stop all the work for some quality time, mostly when travelling, which we do very often. Travelling is my unwind tool along with exercising, reading a good book or spending quality time with an old friend.

What is the best gift you received from each other?
Hamad: Meeting her completed me.
Hend: His continued support.

Any memorable holidays?
Hamad: Our wedding night was a miracle and one of our first challenges. Also our honeymoon, alongside all our other trips as we live to leave our footprints all over the world as one pair.
Hend: The Maldives was an unforgettable trip as it was our first trip together for our mini honeymoon. The United States was definitely something to remember and cherish as it was finally our honeymoon after a two year delay. Spain is a place I would like to go with Hamad over and over again. I can go on and on. I think anywhere, as long as I’m with him, is a memorable holiday, even the places I used to visit often before I met him, such as Thailand, but it was totally different with him.

One would imagine that both of you probably discuss business issues a lot at home too. Does that happen?
Hamad: Yes, all the time. We have different personalities based on each situation. A spouse when she needs me as provider, a best friend when she needs a supporter, a partner when she needs a support system. This allows her to connect easily and openly.
Hend: All the time and that’s where most of the problems in our relationship come from, when discussing business issues at the end of the day when you are so exhausted and drained.

How are household responsibilities divided? Who is the boss at home?
Hamad: I love cooking so I’m always in the kitchen or on the couch after a long day. She makes sure the whole house is spotless and organized and manages the house helpers.
Hend: It is equally divided depending on our list of things to do. There is no boss at home, we each take care of our own duties. Mostly Hamad takes care of the kitchen as this is his specialty and hobby. I take care of cleaning and arranging.

Has there been any significant event that has changed your marriage? What was the event? How did it change your relationship?
Hamad: Once we met, the whole relationship was based on no expectations. Both of us knew and respected the other’s goals and desires and instead of changing each other we embraced our differences and empowered our strength to support and help each other achieve our dreams. I believe this made our relationship much stronger. Once I shifted career I started being more socially active and being able to support her even more.
Hend: Not really as I believe we entered this relationship very mature knowing exactly who we are and what we want from life and each other as partners.

How do you manage your time together? Do you have any time left over for your marriage at all?
Hamad: We highly depend on time management when it comes to how we spend our time. We tend to get very busy, so we need to make sure we spend time on work, our time together, our time individually, and our time with family and friends. Once we spend our time together we make sure we don’t include anything from the other sections. We make sure we divide our life accordingly and have a healthy living balance.
Hend: I’ll be very honest, it’s really hard to find time for any kind of relationship when you work full time, blog and manage a salon. So, as much as I can, I get involved in what Hamad has to do and get him involved in what I do, so we at least have some time together and have fun. That’s the most important thing and that’s why we have to put everything on hold from time to time and travel, just so we can have the time together.

What are the challenges of being two powerful people at the top of your professional game?
Hamad: There are no challenges. We empower each other with lifting and supporting each other. We come from two completely different backgrounds yet we both know the essence of a supporting partner. If one of us has an important event coming up the other makes sure the event has priority, allowing them to take ownership and give it 110%.
Hend: Arguments. Nothing would be done if the other person is not convinced or if they find it difficult to fit in their schedule. You have to compromise a lot but also be very smart in knowing when to do so and when not.

What have been your most challenging moments in life?
Hamad: Convincing her to marry me at first, then persuading her dad to give me his blessing to marry her.
Hend: Getting used to sharing everything. We were both very independent and as most new couples find, the financial aspect was a challenge until we got used to the idea of sharing.

How do you motivate each other during tough times at work?
Hamad: Taking full responsibility and ownership of being the person we need to be for each other, be it a friend, spouse or a partner, and being empathetic while being optimistic and logical but keeping an eye on the emotional factor and considering each other’s feelings at all times.
Hend: By reminding each other how we got over a lot of obstacles previously and it’s just another one getting us closer to achieving our goals and dreams.

Who’s your inspiration professionally?
Hamad: Meeting my wife. She became an important factor in my life and she inspires me to be the best version of myself.
Hend: Oprah Winfrey.

What have you learnt from each other?
Hamad: I learned to slow down a little. To take one task at a time to prefect it. To follow my heart but keep my mind close. Being considerate and caring about myself and who is around me. And most importantly, patience.
Hend: Mostly sharing everything, compromising and loving unconditionally.

Some marriages are “passionate,” some are “companionate”: which fits you?
Hamad: We are companions as a couple but share our own passion in life. We work together to support each other to fulfill our purpose in life.
Hend: Companionate.

What are the keys to a successful relationship?
Hamad: Respect and communication are the essence and core value of each successful relationship.
Hend: Honesty, respect, being there for your partner, showing affection and appreciation to all they do, dedicate time for each other.

Do you have any common interests or hobbies?
Hamad: Food – I love cooking it, she loves to eat it. Art – I love to create it, she loves to admire it. Fashion – she enjoys styling it while I love to wear it. Music – I love to play/compose it, she loves listening to it. Sports – I love to exercise, she likes the sports gear. The only thing we perform equally is travelling.
Hend: Besides travelling, trying new things and finding ourselves. To be honest, we didn’t at the beginning but at later stages we found things we both loved to do like diving and cycling, things neither of us did earlier.

Tell us about your children. How have they changed your life?
Both: We don’t have kids yet.

Advice for other couples:
Hamad: Start first by being an individual, understand yourself and love yourself so that you will be able to identify your strength and weakness to be able to find your better half. Once you do, you will be able to love each other with full compassion as you learned to love yourself first.
Hend: Understand yourself, know what you want first before trying to know and understand anyone else. It’s not easy to share a life with someone especially if you are both independent but once you reach that balance it will be the best thing you will ever have. It requires a lot of passion and sacrifice but will be worth it at the end.

How do you feel being selected one of the CP magazine’s Power Couples for this year?
Hamad: I feel it’s a responsibility to motivate others when you have a good thing going. As humans our sole purpose is to serve others and with being chosen, I hope to inspire others to find their soul mates, as they do exist. You only need to be ready to accept to be able to receive.
Hend: I was happy to be recognized as it’s one of my messages in social media to be a successful woman in her career and, at the same time, maintain a healthy, happy relationship.


Favourite Colour:
Hamad: Black – Hend: Red
Favourite Food:
Hamad: Mediterranean – Hend: Sushi and pizza
Tea or Coffee?
Hamad: Matcha tea – Hend: Coffee
Favourite Car:
Hamad: BMW M4 – Hend: Bentley
Favourite Book/Author:
Hamad: Napoleon Hill – Hend: The forty rules of love – Elif Shafak
Favourite Song:
Hamad: All of me – John Legend & Lindsey Stirling – Hend: Kadim Alsaher – All
Favourite Movie:
Hamad: Limitless – Hend: The Notebook
Greatest Fear:
Hamad: I have embraced and accepted them all, so I don’t really fear anything. – Hend: Cats
Favourite app on your phone:
Hamad: Note pad Hend: Instgram
What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Hamad: Dignity – Hend: Passion





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