Gauri Mehta

Gauri Mehta
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“My personal idea of style is something subtle, yet bold enough to make a statement.”

Like many women, Gauri Mehta has always been attracted to fashion. But it takes more than beauty to succeed in this fiercely competitive field. That’s where her Business Management degree comes in!


Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I’ve had a heavy interest in fashion all my life and have always had a passion to inspire people to look their best on a daily basis. I started as an influencer four years ago. I’m also currently pursuing a career in fashion buying. I love to share my lifestyle, personal fashion, beauty and healthcare with my followers in the best possible way so they can be inspired.

Tell us about your education.
I graduated in Business Management. I was always the smart girl with a creative side. Studying management has most definitely helped me maintain that smart side.

How and when did you land in UAE?
I moved to Dubai three years ago because I was always attracted to glamour, luxury and fashion. With Dubai being the hub of those qualities, I had to end up here.

What are you currently doing?
I am currently working in fashion buying and have also taken up modelling and promotional assignments. This is a hobby and passion of mine.

How did your modelling career begin and why modelling?
Modelling for me began when I was picked at university for a beauty pageant which I was secretly looking forward to.

What was your first big break in the industry?
When I was chosen for Femina Miss India. This opened many big doors for me.

What’s one of the most interesting shoots you’ve done?
I have always loved shows where I had to dress up wearing interesting and unique headgear. Also, I remember doing the Jack & Jones youth show which had a gothic theme – that was quite fun! I also truly adore photo shoots and ramp walks with ethnic jewellery and traditional outfits.

What is your personal style?
My personal idea of style is something subtle, yet bold enough to make a statement.
I wouldn’t go for very bright colours but instead would like to pull off something neutral and chic. I think makeup plays a very important role. You can make a simple outfit fancy by just doing a smoky eye or a red lip.

How do you keep in shape?
I don’t follow any vigorous workout as such. I just try to maintain a low carb diet and stick to some cardio whenever I get time.

What’s your favourite snack?
I am a huge fan of cheese. Whenever I cheat, it has to be for snacks related to cheese.

Your favourite city to visit and to shop?
I really think Dubai has anything and everything that I love. I have never really felt the need to go anywhere abroad to shop.

How do you combine modelling and being an influencer? Do you ever get overwhelmed by the work?
I think modelling and promoting go hand in hand. Modelling has really helped me understand the perfect way to showcase clothes and beauty products etc. It can get a little exhausting at times having two jobs but it is something I truly enjoy and where my passion lies so I can happily manage.

What is your favourite healthy snack?
I love quick protein bars, especially in all the tasty flavours. They keep me going throughout the day!

How would your friends describe you?
Outgoing, life of the party, enthusiastic and ambitious.

What are some of your hobbies?
I love belly dancing. Since moving to Dubai, I have taken up training for belly dancing.
I love exploring new places. Every weekend I try to visit a place with a different theme (this is also helpful for my pictures). The best time I have is with my girls. I feel uplifted and lively after meeting my girls.

Your message for us at CP magazine?
It is great to have a magazine that keeps us updated with ongoing trends and people to look up to in UAE and beyond. I love to keep a track of such things and look forward to being a part of it again soon! Wishing you much love and success.


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