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“Being an international makeup artist is like being a celebrity!”

Garance Blanche was an actress before turning her attention to beauty. Now an international makeup artist for By Terry, she believes that the secret to beauty is self-confidence – and never leaving home without lipstick!

Please introduce yourself to our readers:
Hi, my name is Garance Blanche from Paris and I am the international makeup artist of By Terry. This means I go from country to country to introduce the new products to the press and I train the team from all over the world.

Tell us about your education:
I have a really strange history. I actually used to be an actress and studied acting.

When did you know a career in beauty was for you? What special training did you go for to start your beauty career?
Well, while taking acting courses my mom always told me to work to pay for my education. Therefore, I worked at the Body Shop during the weekends and got introduced to the world of cosmetics.

The world of theatre is quiet complicated and I was confused between the two things I loved; makeup and theatre. Three years ago I decided to build my career in something I always loved and therefore moved full time into the field of beauty. In a way, being an international makeup artist is like being a celebrity!

Tell us about the differences between French and Arab women when it comes to beauty.
There are lots of differences. In beauty they are almost opposites. We in France need the fresh complexion, well drawn eyes and lips but the coverage is quite different. This means we are more of a makeup/no makeup type. In the Middle East they go for a lot of coverage and really sophisticated makeup – nearly artistic. In France people are lazy and like something quick and easy.

How, when and why did you get associated with the By Terry brand and what do you think is so special about it?
I really wanted to work with Terry because I knew her reputation when I began in the cosmetic world. She is someone who really cares and thinks how to simplify a woman’s life every day. She is a woman and creates products for women. She is a mother, grandmother and a working woman and realizes that women today do not have the time to take care of themselves. She therefore makes it simple.

Also, this is a brand that does not work with models because we believe that our customers are our models and our duty is to find and highlight the beauty of each woman. We are not here to make them look like someone else. So, I liked this philosophy of the brand.

How does your mood affect the makeup you wear?
I don’t believe it when women say they think that a certain shade of lipstick doesn’t suit them. I believe every makeup suits everyone if they feel self confidence. You need to feel that you want to feel good.

What are your makeup kit must-haves?
It’s the Light-Expert Click Brush which is a foundation with the brush included. I always keep it in my bag for regular touch-ups. Also lip balms and a blush – which is really my life. For me the blush is essential; it can make a woman express her inner feelings.

Does everyone look better with makeup?
I would say yes. Yes, because makeup is not to hide, it is to enhance your qualities and looks. We believe everyone is beautiful and with makeup we can enhance the features.

What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?
Lipstick, Lipstick, and Lipstick!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
From every woman. Every woman is different.

What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
Believe in yourself.

Share something you would like our readers to know about you:
I introduced my grandfather to his new wife thanks to By Terry. She was my customer and they are married now!

What special make tips do you have for Kuwaiti women for their skin?
They are so beautiful. I would say they have beautiful eyes and instead of using Kohl I would recommend them to use something lighter inside and extend them outside. They have amazing eyes and applying Kohl makes them look smaller.


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