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There are many techniques to raising your vibrations and live your best self. For instance, they say a woman changes once she gives birth to her first child. So what if you aren’t capable of giving birth because of a variety of reasons such as, um, being a man or other reasons or circumstances? The ideal way after that to raising your vibrations is to care for an animal.

Animals, whether they are obedient or not or helpless beings. They are capable of giving so much love, which can fill your heart with joy; and the feelings of love and joy have a high vibrational frequency. The emission of their frequencies onto us are also very strong. If they feel fear, they emit it strongly onto us, meaning, we feel the feeling of fear strongly. That is why we need to constantly show these animals positive affection so that we raise their vibrations, which in turn raises our vibrations.

I am not suggesting that you go out and get an animal, because an animal is a huge responsibility. If you have the intention of bringing an animal home you must have the intention of keeping the animal until the end of its life. An animal has thoughts and emotions similar to a child. If you were to get an animal to keep and decided you do not want it anymore and give it away, even if it is going to a bigger and better home with more love and care it will deal with some psychological issues. It will wonder what it did wrong for you not to want it anymore. Keep in mind that most likely when you took this animal, it was taken away from it’s mother at a very young age. So think very hard before taking an animal into your care and the new responsibilities that it entails.

A great idea is to either foster an animal or visit animals in a shelter. Fostering is when the animal is looking for a forever home, but a foster takes care of it until that suitable match comes. This is a time where you can nurture an animal and teach it love and kindness. Some animals might be more work depending on the environment it has come out of, but the more effort you put in and see the positive outcome, the higher your vibrations will be. Visiting of animal shelters have the same effect. Those animals live there until they find their forever home, but all they want is to share love and joy with us humans. So you are able to go there and play with them and show them that they are loved and you end up leaving the place with an elevated state of mind. For many foster care is suitable because they do not have the added responsibility of an animal and can choose the period of time to share with animals.

The saying goes “give and you shall receive” and although it is not something that you can see with the naked eye, energy is a very real thing that can be measured in different ways. Animals allow us to acknowledge that it is not very difficult to raise our vibrations. All they need is love and joy and how good we feel when we receive that in return. Love heals and love mends and studies by the Heartmath Institute prove this scientifically. Do not rush into the idea of caring for an animal, but keep it in mind as one of a variety of ways to raise your vibrations.

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