Faith In Fashion

Faith In Fashion
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It’s been a long time coming for us all to live on a non-bordered Earth, where faith enters the fashion world and has a truly positive impact on one and all.


It was never that case in the early 13th century where it was taboo to speak openly, without veil, of your beliefs, or to reluctantly deny all saints and holy relics and sacred devout men their true status of gracefully holy at all times. Things have definitely changed. It’s certainly more mellow nowadays where any person, regardless of faith, can express their love to all Almighty freely in a maze of colours blessed by a labyrinth of style, design and hue. People these days are able to show their belief and the truth of what they feel, without fear.

In the last couple of years the fashion world has exploded with true believers and many more have risen to the top of the fashion ladder. Giants like Zac Posen of a Jewish background who collaborated for some years at Dior, a house of Christian roots.

Another extraordinary co-lab is Karl Lagerfeld, a devote Christian, and the late Ezz Eldin Allaya of Arab Muslim belief in early 2000. They presented a collection that was not only out of this world but felt and looked blessed with an explosion of ideas that were breathtaking and so intricate with a curious vibe, as Vogue magazine explained at the time.

Even in architecture we find many innovative engineers of diverse religious backgrounds that collaborated beautifully. Marc Arad, a Jewish innovator with a traditional but improved style, worked side by side with another giant in her field, Zaha Hadid. Zaha was a creator with remarkable insight, the result of which was phenomenal structures admired worldwide.

When it comes to collaborations, they are welcomed and appreciated no matter the diversity of either party, thus giving the meaning of implementation, ingenuity and performance a new higher pedestal in appreciation and respect.

The force of any nation is the diversities it possesses. Now, more than ever, we all need to put our faith together and learn more about our differences.

Calling out to all innovators and creators, inspiring men and women, together we can grow and appreciate our contrasts. Try to remember that even polar opposites depend on each other for the stability of the one home we have – this Earth – while our beautiful Mother Nature can show us the right way to shine together, to grow together and to exist and support each other.

We might think we don’t need each other, but this is far from the truth. We rely on each other for inspiration and stimulus on an everyday basis. The movies we watch, the books we read, the buildings we admire, are designed and structured by all of us. Together.

Diversity is not only healthy, it’s glamorous and so fabulous! If we were all cut from the same mold, imagine how tediously dull our day to day life would be!

So, let’s keep celebrating the beautiful diversities in our lives, manner and style and look forward to many more glorious years in this trendy melting pot of never ending multi-cultured innovations and innovators!

God bless. Stay safe, faithful and fashionable.


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