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fter the overwhelming success of Razor’s Crazy Cart among the kids aged around 9 years, Razor Inc. one of the most reliable and trusted brands globally has come up with a new battery operated cart for the young riders known as Razor Jr. Lil Crazy Cart.

The new Jr. Lil Crazy Cart is exclusively available at Fantasy World. If your child is a young rider, aged 3 years and above and weighs max of 20kg, he/ she can truly enjoy the Jr. Lil crazy cart.
When the big Crazy cart was first introduced in the Kuwait market, it created a lot of buzz not because it was like a regular Go kart, but this cart would allow you to drift, and that caught a lot of attraction. The Crazy Cart became the talk of the town among the older kids (especially boys) as they were introduced to the fun and adventurous through the world of drifting. Fantasy World in Kuwait confirmed the success of this product as they sold hundreds of Crazy Carts and termed it as one of the bestselling toys in Kuwait.

Keeping the same “fun and adventure” in mind, Razor has now introduced the Jr. Lil Crazy cart for the young riders who thrive to become as good as their brothers/cousins when it comes to drifting.

Jr. Crazy Cart accelerates with pedal operated engine that gives a speed of 3km/h and an excellent steering wheel that allows Drifting turns and slides ensuring the safety of the little tots. It has 360- degree action along with up to 40 minutes of continuous operation. It also applies tricycle principle that features Polypropylene front wheel and urethane rear wheels. If you are looking for a new toy for your kids, let this be the one. This will not only help them to be active but they will also enjoy being out of the house or at least away from their iPad.

Fantasy World’s known for the world’s best toys available in Kuwait. It welcomed its first customer in Kuwait on April 28, 1996. Importing some of the finest toys from Europe, the United States and The Far East and retailing them at a 1000 square meter free standing building resembling a castle at the Al Rai business district in Kuwait, the US based, Michigan designed store was the region’s first upscale toy store concept then in Kuwait.

Organized as per the convenience of the customers the toys are segmented into categories such as Amazing Minds, Early Years, Boys World, Girls World, Tweens & Lifestyle, Outdoor & Sports that cover the needs of all kids from infants to twelve-year-old’s. Fantasy World boasts on its one of a kind unique online shopping facility through the website, and an application that is operational in both iOS and Android giving convenience for the shoppers to shop from their home and have the option of either collecting the toys from the nearest store or getting it home delivered.

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