With Christmas comes joy and excitement, parties, dinners and big celebrations. For us, this time of the year means flying back home to Spain and France, spending time with our loved ones, walking the cold streets of Madrid and Paris and having hot chocolate in a cozy café around the city. It is our favourite time of the year, the streets are full of Christmas lights and everyone is in such a festive mood. On the other hand, as stylists, we cannot forget fashion, and we understand it may be a struggle for many people finding what to wear for the festive season. Be ready to absorb some valuable tips on how to dress to impress this Christmas.


Have you ever felt guilty of buying an evening gown for a special occasion that you will only wear once or twice? Well, let’s do things differently this time around. The key is to select a festive look that is versatile and can be worn with other pieces from your existing wardrobe too. If you take a look at the selected look for our model, we have paired a festive skirt with an all time classic blazer and a white silk shirt. We have then added a bow, black stilettos and a glitter clutch.

Looking at the individual garments, they can all be combined with other pieces from your wardrobe very easily, to create evening and casual looks, depending on how you mix and match. This is the simplest solution to buying a festive season outfit that you can wear over and over throughout the year.

A festive season wouldn’t be festive without some sparkle, so we have to apply this concept to our look. Our choice of sparkle has gone directly to an A-line skirt with embedded rose gold sequins and floral motifs. The good thing about this piece is that it flatters most body shapes and it catches wonderful attention during the Christmas season.

A look wouldn’t be complete without a clutch, and since it is Christmas, we had to pick a glitter one. We don’t recommend adding glitter or sequins to your accessories if your outfit already has too much of that material. In our case, only the skirt has touches of shine, so we can go wild with our clutch.

We always say that a look becomes extra stylish thanks to the details. Look at our model’s bow, it has small silver balls that resemble Christmas tree decorations. Doesn’t this little detail transform a simple shirt and blazer into a stylish and festive one?

Black stilettos are an all time classic. Either in leather or suede, they can be worn for special occasions or with jeans for a more casual look. A pair of back stilettos is an investment, so be sure yours are comfortable and of good quality, as you will wear them over and over. In terms of style, by keeping the heels simple and elegant, the attention focuses on other parts of the look, like the skirt, the bow or the clutch. In fashion, it’s all about balance!

Makeup is as important as the outfit itself. Let’s have a look at our model’s makeup. When we saw Kathrine, we instantly knew the focus should be on her gorgeous eyes and as a rule of thumb, if eye makeup is heavy then lips should be light, and vice-versa. Edna, CP Magazine’s beauty editor and professional makeup artist, has done a stunning job in achieving this festive makeup look, with smokey eyes in shades of shimmery grey and nude lips with a touch of gloss.

Last but not least is the hair styling. We headed straight to ‘The BlowOut Bar’ in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, since they specialise in trendy hair styling and braids. Firstly, they washed and blow dried our model’s hair, followed by beach waves (their signature hair style). To complete the look, a natural hairdo and a creative side braid did the trick. And viola, our model is ready to welcome the festive season.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And remember for the festive season, dress to impress!

Photographer: Arsan Hassan (IG: arsan_photography)
Image Consultants: Carla Otero & Marie Auffret (IG: thestylistes)
Makeup Artist: Edna Trogen (IG: edna_trogen)
Hair Styling: The BlowOut Bar (IG: blowoutbardxb)
Model: Kathrine Trillingsgaard
Carla & Marie’s Wardrobe: Maje (IG: majeofficiel)
Model’s Wardrobe: Maje (IG: majeofficiel)
Location: Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

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