Dress For Success

Dress For Success
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Yes, it’s a cliché! But it’s time for us to pay more attention to details because those details can make or break and sometimes fake our chances to get ahead successfully in life. Or, at the end of the day, we might just find ourselves surviving on the niche outlines forever – and that would be a crying shame! Did you ever wonder why some people are super successful and have made it to the top, enjoying all the respect and money to go with it? And, at the same time, did you ask yourself, why not me? After all, you might share the same age and God given looks, plus the same college degrees. Of course you did! Other times, you may feel so down and so frustrated that you believe you could be the unluckiest person that walked this wide green earth.

But have you ever asked yourself, what is their secret? What is the secret that many people follow to get to the top (and stay there)? We all know it’s never just about the college degree you obtained or the number of years you spent behind the desk gaining that experience and know-how. The reason is much simpler. It just takes a choice. It’s the choice we make with our attire that can change the way people view us.

The secret is a suitable but affordable choice of wardrobe that demands and commands respect. However, not so many people know the rules of the attire game and how to play it right to the doors of success. The rules may differ according to gender but the goals are always the same – to get ahead, to be heard and to be taken seriously.

The rules require a whole set of courage and a budget set aside to achieve it. But don’t worry, it will not cost you a hand or a foot or even your whole salary. It’s a game of choosing and following a set of rules, three to be exact.

Rule number one – choose solid colours. No matter if you have dark, light or olive skin (or even green skin and come from Mars!) solid colours complement any skin and hair complexion with any choice of clothing, especially office attire.

Rule number two – too much colour in your attire decreases the value of a garment, especially if you want people to focus more on your words than on the rainbow colours distracting them. Remember, multi-colour attires have a time and a place and it’s rarely at the office, no matter the season!

Rule number three – cleanliness is truly next to godliness. Be tidy with your attire choices. Be clean cut with the garments you shop for and try to be minimal while maintaining that confidence and appeal. And please, please, always keep your nails manicured, your body and breath fresh and your toes covered with simple and classical pumps or shoes. Because as we all know, footwear speaks volumes on personality.

So remember, choose fashionable garments that will aid your attire game and allow you to reach the stars – which is right where you belong and surely deserve.

Happy job hunting!

Stay safe and fashionable.

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